Mar 18, 2017

MOVIE REVIEW--Beauty and the Beast

**Note I don't mention spoilers, but I do discuss three things that the live action movie changed about the story. Nothing major, just like, and this is a FAKE EXAMPLE, Maurice went left instead of right on the path! But he still gets to the castle. It's the 2nd and 3rd paragraph where I discuss this, so feel free to skim or skip those!

It was everything I could've hoped for!! After watching the live action Cinderella movie a few years ago, I found myself kind of upset with the changes they made to characters and whatnot. But I had very little disappointment with this one! Like literally 2-3 little nuisances that I'll get to eventually, but everything else about this movie? Superb! It truly brought to life the animated movie that was my favorite throughout childhood!

The beginning, for the most part was like the one we know only with a twist, instead of glass window panes telling the story, we're seeing it. Even seeing the Prince himself before his beastly transformation, but since he was decked out in makeup we didn't really "see" him. My first issue was the narrator. Sadly the female voice just didn't give me the same chills as the male voice from the animated one. I mean, I still get chills when I watch that one! Her voice just seemed to tell the story and leave me feeling not much at all. Le sigh...

I was amazed by how much remained true to the storyline we all know and love! Sure, there were a few differences thrown throughout! Another one that saddened me was Belle's trip to the bookshop, which really wasn't much of a shop. The encounter was so brief, and nonsensical that I was left disheartened. I mean come on! I still get excited every time I go to the bookstore and this little trip left me sad. The final thing that nagged at me was just how Belle came to take her father's place. Without getting into too much detail, I guess I was a little more upset about how the Beast acted in those moments, because even in the animated movie you could see the Beast being a little more human in that moment,'s a little different.

And after those little mishaps I was soon swept away by the movie and magic! I loved hearing all the same songs we know and love! There were some new ones too, though I can't be sure if they were in the musical version, I would have to look into the soundtrack again. I felt like some of the "new" songs might have been familiar but it's tough to say. I also liked how in some ways we stuck to the fairy tale as well! Like Maurice's encounter with the castle the first time and possibly in other ways! And naming Belle's village Villeneuve! I've been seeing that tidbit in a lot of the retellings I've been reading! Such a nice little hat tip to Gabrielle-Suzanne!

Another enjoyment that came along was how Disney answered some of the burning questions we've always had about Beauty and the Beast. Such as whatever happened to Belle's mom? What about the Beast's parents from when he was human? What about Mr. Potts for crying out loud? It's funny too, since in my current read Liz Braswell is answering these questions as well! So it puts quite the twist on things! I also liked how it kind of ignores how long the curse has been active. I mean in the animated movie it really puts you in a tailspin, they've been cursed for 10 years (as told in Be Our Guest) and the Beast has until his 21st birthday to break the curse and before the last petal falls. So it made you wonder if the Enchantress cursed an 11 year old. Really twisted. But here, we kind of glide over ages and how long there's been a curse, but even aspects of that curse reflects the original fairy tale's version in how things were done!

Emma Watson did a superb job of being my favorite princess ever! Disney chose wisely with her! Truly, I don't know if there was anyone else who could've done a better job! Believe me, the list is long for people who I did not want to see in this role, so I was ecstatic that Emma was given the role!

Another thing I was quick to look for was LeFou! We all know the storm that was sweeping in Alabama regarding his character and I wanted to see what was so bad about it. And I mean, even in the animated version it was clear LeFou was a fan boy of Gaston and he pretty much still is! I truly liked how his character turned out though! I remember reading that he gets an ending of his own in some ways and yeah, I REALLY liked it!

The ending was far more magical than I expected as well! I mean we all know the story and what happens, but the execution was a little different and I will admit that I got teary eyed. Thank goodness I was solo so no one saw me! This movie was pure magic!! I loved it! I had all the feels from this one and I seriously feel like hugging it! It was just so beautiful and wonderful! I want to see it again! And then go back to Disney World! LOL!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


  1. Ah beautiful review! I'm so excited to watch this and have been hyped FOR MONTHS!
    So glad you loved it! Sorry about the bookshop moment, though :(

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  2. I'm going to watch the movie next week! I can't wait to see it! Thank you for the review! Also didn't you tear up in Beast's song Forevermore? When I heard it the first time I cried a little.

  3. I am so glad that you enjoyed this movie. I love the Disney cartoon and do want to see this one (so does my husband). I am not sure if we will go to the theatre or wait for the DVD.

  4. I am so apprehensive about watching this, but mostly because of the singing - did you find it was ok? I'm sad to hear they cut short the bookshop scene. Belle's passion for reading is easily one of my favourite things about her, and going to the bookstore really cemented that it was something she did all the time!

  5. I can't wait to see this, I'll probably go this weekend -by myself because no one else in my family wants to go, and they just don't understand how magical this story is:-)

  6. I can't WAIT to see this movie!!! My daughter's been sick; otherwise I would have already been there with bells on. Is it mean that I want her to get better mostly so I can go see a movie?

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. I was excited Emma was picked for the part. She is such a strong, young woman and is a perfect example to girls (and women) everywhere to look up to. Can't wait to see it. Belle is our favorite princess in our house.

  8. I got to see this movie in a prescreening last Thursday. I did enjoy the additional information about Belle's family as you did, and I so enjoyed the humor interjected that made us laugh out loud. I want to have the Beast's library!! Emma Watson did a splendid job and I didn't know she could sing before this. I loved the change in heart of LeFue and the actor did a fantastic job making me laugh too.

  9. I was upset when they announced a live action Beauty and the Beast because it has always been my favorite Disney movie and I didn't want to be let down. HOWEVER.. omg omg omg! I absolutely LOVED this adaption. The costumes, musical numbers, extras like Belle's mom/the beast's background etc..


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