Mar 7, 2017

Discussion Challenge: Why eBooks Aren't My Favorite

Naturally, as I found myself writing my discussion post on book formatting and how it effects my reading pace, it got me touching on eBooks. Which then brought up a whole new discussion for myself.

Why eBooks Aren't My Favorite

eBooks have been big for awhile now. And I do see all the benefits to them! Trust me I do! The majority of my review books are in eBook format. But one of the things I don't like about eBooks is basically that it's not a physical book! LOL! Let me break it down...

1. I LOVE holding the book! The feel of the book! Turning pages. The crisp sound of the paper being turned. The feel of the super smooth covers they sometimes have! I just love it all!

2. I like being able to "casually" flip ahead to see how long a chapter is. I'm not cheating or looking ahead for spoilers. When I do this it's because I am generally trying to see how many pages (literal pages) are left until the chapter ends. I'm usually the reader who will only stop reading once I hit a new chapter...or page break if I don't think I can finish the chapter before the next real life event occurs. Which is why I was always aggravated that SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) time was only ever 15 minutes in school.

3. Colors! I love being able to see the gorgeous colors of the cover! True I can easily do this with my eBook if I used my iPad, but even that becomes heavy to hold for a prolonged period of time.

Okay so those are the top three reasons why I love real books. Now take into account an eBook, and none of these things are possible. Yes, my kindle will tell me how many minutes are left in the chapter, how many are left in the book itself. It will tell me what percentage of the book I've read. But I want page numbers!! And I get it, kindle screens are not the same as the actual book size so a real page number isn't necessarily easy to give. But it makes it harder to know how many pages are really left in said chapter. Just because I'm being told it's 3 minutes doesn't really mean it's 3 minutes. I think one book actually said that for like 5 page swipes and I'm like really? Maybe not, I've never really timed it. But it's like when I know I NEED to do task A but really want to finish said chapter because there's only 2 minutes left, I feel like my brain somehow takes longer just to be a pain! LOL! It's subconscious most likely.

But yeah, while I do and can appreciate eBooks, my first and foremost choice will always be a real book to read! Yes, when the day comes and I must move I am going to truly regret my collection of books. Only because I gotta pack em and move em all. But will I try to diminish said collection afterwards? Hell no. So hopefully when that time does come, I'll just move into my "forever" home! Or you know, be married to Thor*! LOL! 

So what do you guys think about eBooks vs real books? Are you ever bogged down by not knowing exactly how many pages are left in the chapter? In the book? Or have you been able to figure out the algorithm or whatnot that lets you know this all while reading an eBook? And if you have, can you explain it to me? LOL!

*moments prior to writing this post I just finished watching The Avengers: Age of Ultron


  1. Great post! I completely agree with all 3 reasons, but especially number 2! I love doing that too, just to be able to judge how much more I can read, especially when I don't have much time for reading. I hate not knowing how much more of a chapter there is to go.

    Lauren @ My Expanding Bookshelf

  2. Actually, your first two reasons are why I love eBooks! :P

    I have tiny hands and so I find it hard to hold books open (I read in bed mostly). I like my eReader because I can read on my side and generally change positions more easily.

    I like that my Kobo and Kindle tells me how long it will take me to finish a chapter. It helps me better gauge if I can sneak in another chapter. Plus, my Kobo does tell me how many pages are in the chapter (if it's a Kobo file) so I avoid any spoilers by accidentally flipping pages :P

  3. I do think the timing measures can be a little sketchy at times. I swear it has told me 10 minutes left for at LEAST a half hour. Now, it basis it on your reading speed at that general time, so if you're suddenly reading slower than you had been (like, say, you're distracted thinking about what you're not doing or how long it's taking you to read "10 minutes") than it WOULD take longer, and the time measure will slowly start to update for it. Which is both frustrating a cool (because I'm into predicting numeric things).

    I personally go back and forth between ebooks and physical books; I tend to lean slightly more towards ebooks just because I can change the font size, so when my eyes are bugging me (always), I can just make the font bigger.

    ~ Michelle @ FaerieFits

  4. Oh I totally get the page number thing! I used to try to read ebooks (before i realized they were causing headaches) I used to hate that I would read what felt like four pages and would look up only to realize I was still on the same page. It actually made it feel like the story was going slower to me. Of course, I'm sure this was made worse by my hiking the font up a few sizes. But being able to do that was the one thing I actually liked about ebooks.

    Great post, Jess!

  5. I like ebooks. I had a book recently that I had a copy on my kindle from NetGalley and then the publisher sent me the book. I read it on my kindle. I don't see like I used to and being able to adjust the font is big. I like the backlit screen because lighting can make it hard to read a paper book in some places. I like that I can put it in my purse and take it with me everywhere. I have found the time listed on the kindle to be pretty accurate once you have settled into the book. As you are quickly flipping pages at the beginning to get the part you are actually going read, it tends to think you are a speed reader but once you actually read for a bit it adjusts to your reading speed and is really accurate.

    I do read some paper books and think that they are quite gorgeous. I like that I can find discount copies of paper books and can find them second hand. I really don't have too much space for books so that is another issue.

  6. I like the convenience of eBooks - I can read with the light off (meaning that when I'm ready to fall asleep I don't have to turn off a light) and I can turn the page with a finger tap instead of having to jostle my extremely comfortable position to turn the page.

    HOWEVER - when I'm reading and not lying down before bed, I do prefer the physical book. I'm with you on knowing when a chapter is ending, or at least the next chapter break. That minute thing frustrates me too. And I love to look at the cover when I pick up and read a book, but its not all the same looking at the black and white version on my kindle. Great post!

  7. Yes! I agree with all your points. I have so many Ebooks and do enjoy reading them, it's still a story to read, but I do often find myself wishing I knew how many pages are left. I also often find myself flipping ahead in physical books to find out how many pages are left in a chapter, but I can't really do that with an Ebook.

    And there is nothing like the feeling of holding a physical book in ones hands!

  8. I always think that I prefer physical books, but when it comes down to it, I'll occasionally choose to read an ebook because it's more convenient or even more pleasant to read (reading ebooks in bed seems easier). I think it depends on my mood. But I definitely agree with a lot of your points---especially being able to see how much more is left in a chapter, etc.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  9. I didn't used to like ebooks but I've definitely come around to them more! Most of my review books are ebooks and it's hard to beat a good kindle deal or library check out if the physical book isn't available. Plus it's easier to read on my lunch break at work :) But I still love physical books and wish I could see how long chapters are also!

  10. I've been partial to physical books for a long time, but I'm starting to read more ebooks, mainly because of space (my family has been pressuring me to get rid of books). One thing I really like about reading ebooks is that I don't have to have a notebook with me while I'm reading. I love being able to highlight and add notes. I would never do that to a physical book.

    I also don't like not being able to see the page numbers. But I understand why it has to be that way.

  11. I'm the same way about needing to be able to flip forward - I like knowing how many pages until the next chapter, the next section or the end of the book. There's nothing more disappointing than reading an eBook only to reach the end and be flabbergasted that it's over because you weren't paying attention to the percentages.


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