Feb 5, 2022

Let's Discuss: Blind Date with a Book


So since we're in February, like me, you might be seeing the bookstores have the "Blind Date with a Book" tables and I have to admit, while I love the idea in theory, they actually terrify me!

Blind Date with a Book

What terrifies me is the fact that I might not like the book. Yes, you get some clues and hints, but it might not be the book I'm thinking it could possibly be! Like what if it's a paranormal romance but they forget to mention it's paranormal! Or if it's a contemporary romance, what if they use some keywords that lead you to think there's mystery or some other "other" element but it ends up being a straight up contemporary? I read a YA contemporary once that totally had me thinking it was going to be a missing persons mystery and it was not!

I know, I know! But Jessica you subscribe to book box subscriptions which are basically the same thing with the "surprise" book! Well, I do easily and readily skip Owl Crate when I get the sense the book won't be to my liking. Fairy Loot I've the guarantee for a fantasy read! And luckily there are "book guesser" accounts I can check on social media to see what their guess is. They're usually right too, though they have been quiet lately which does send my anxiety tripping!

And the thing is, I do love a surprise! I mean, I'm always avoiding everyone's unboxing posts until I receive my box. But I guess I love a surprise more if I know the book will be one I'm interested in.

There's also the fact that I am paying for this mystery book or book box. I want it to be something I want to read for the money I'm putting down. Which I guess is why I have an aversion to these Blind Date with a Book surprises.

There's also the fear that I might not catch onto the hints and take the book home with me only to find out I already own it!


What about  you? How do you feel about the Blind Date with a Book surprises?

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