Feb 10, 2022

Random Thursday


Continuing the ever so fun dive into the 2021 Disney Daily Calendar, I've another found of fun facts regarding particular Disney movies! This is what I look forward to in these calendars every year and I'm glad I can still learn new things from them...or at least be reminded of things I might have already known! Lol.

(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)

Did you know that the wildebeest stampede from The Lion King took 3 years to animate? Animators developed a new software to keep the wildebeest from running into each other.

I feel like this is something that I maybe knew...I just can't readily recall!

(image borrowed from TV Tropes)

Did you know that this iconic scene in Lady and the Tramp with the spaghetti almost didn't happen? Walt Disney was eventually won over by test animation and it changed his mind to include it in the film.


(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that in Zootopia over 60 species of animals are represented, leading to 800,000 residents? Trees have 30,000 leaves on them and one giraffe has over 9 million rendered hairs?

That's a lot of details!

(image borrowed from Orlando Sentinel)

Did you know that The Aristocats was based on a true story in 1910, where a family of cats inherited a fortune? Apparently, there are several instances in history where family pets inherit money. The world's richest animal was a German Shepherd named Gunther IV who is almost worth 400 million dollars!

Whoa! I wonder who helps the pets with their fortunes though? Like who is being entrusted with THAT job?

(image borrowed from Find Mickeys)

Did you know that Disney had to hire a separate company to help with hand drawing over one million bubbles on the animation cells in The Little Mermaid? The underwater setting in this movie demanded a lot of work, even without the special effects.

This I did not know either! And did you find the hidden Mickey? I admit I am terrible at this game when I watch the movies. I think I pay too much attention to the movie and not what's hiding in it!

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