Feb 10, 2022

Review--Court by Tracy Wolff


No one survived the last battle unscathed. Flint is angry at the world, Jaxon is turning into something I don’t recognize, and Hudson has put up a wall I’m not sure I’ll ever break through.

Now war is coming, and we’re not ready. We’re going to need an army to have any hope of winning. But first, there are questions about my ancestors that need answers. Answers that might just reveal who the real monster is among us.

And that’s saying something in a world filled with bloodthirsty vampires, immortal gargoyles, and an ancient battle between two gods.

There’s no guarantee that anyone will be left standing when the dust settles, but if we want to save this world, I have no choice. I’ll have to embrace every part of me...even the parts I fear the most.




After an insanely busy week I have finally finished Tracy Wolff's latest installment in the hit Crave series, Court and it was one of the most exciting and heart-racing reads of my year so far! It was freaking incredible and to know that this is far from the end of the series has me all the more excited for what's in store next!

When we last left things in Covet, Cyrus had made a devastating move after a battle that left many scars and more than a few souls lost, he kidnapped the student body of Katmere Academy. All of Grace's classmates and teachers, including her uncle are now at the hands of a paranormal madman. In order to rescue everyone they know and love, they're going to need help and so begins their quest to find that very help, defeat the bad guy, and save everyone they love...should be easy, right?

What I love about this series is how deliciously long these books are! These are not quick and easy journeys Grace and her friends go on. They have to exhaust every avenue, they have to have battle after battle and trial after trial. There are no shortcuts, there are no easy outs. It's a lot of work and Tracy shows this with her words. Every moment was an exciting one! We watch the friends go from one group to another, all while being chased by Cyrus' flunkies and trying to stay a step ahead of the enemy. But unfortunately for them, their enemy is rather smart and manages to stay a few steps ahead as well.

Cyrus' goal is to find the God Stone and since he holds Grace's friends in his hands, he is now tasking her to find the stone which is rumored to be within the gargoyle kingdom, the one that vanished years ago with the gargoyles themselves. But Grace is connected to her people and with the help of the Beast they defeated last go around, she is able to find them once more.

With a book that is nearly 700 pages (over that if you buy a special edition or two or three or all four!) a lot happens in this story. So much that you can't really downsize it all for a review without getting too wordy! Just know that Grace and her friends have a long journey filled with quests and many battles to go before they have the great showdown with Cyrus.

Along the way of course, we do get to see quite a few tender and sizzling moments between Grace and Hudson! These moments were always sweet and well-timed too I felt. There was never kisses just for the sake of kisses. There's also a great deal of relationship building between her and Hudson. They are mates, but they still have a few things to work through as well and I love that theirs is still a growing relationship. We get a few hints at possible romances for some of the others in Grace's circle of friends that had me reeling with the need for more details, but time will only tell on that front!

The pacing to this one was well done! It's not a slow pace by any means, but with 700 pages you can't expect it all to be super fast either. It's a pace that is perfectly well-done! Things are drawn out when they are meant to be and sped up in other areas where a faster pace is needed.

There were also quite a few jaw-dropping surprises in this one! You'd think by book 4 Tracy couldn't do much more to shock us all, but get ready for a few more surprises! It definitely makes me wonder what more we can expect from the series since it's winding down and I am soooo excited to see what will happen next!

Truly there is no greater paranormal series than Tracy Wolff's Crave series! This is paranormal perfection! To have so many great paranormal characters in one story is just pure gold for this reader! This is a series no paranormal fan should miss out on! Plus, what reader doesn't love a hefty size book to read at their leisure?! Tracy Wolff writes pure perfection and I cannot wait to see what she cooks up next!



Overall Rating 5/5 stars





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