Feb 19, 2022

Let's Discuss: Book Longing


Do you ever look at your TBR pile and see that one book (or two, or three) that you so can't wait to read...but then you see another book and think the same thing? Then you remember you have 3 review books to read, including 1 TBR book that HAS to be read before one of them and then wonder...when will you ever read that one TBR book?

Why Do I Always Want to Read the Books I Don't Have Time For?

I feel like my problem is I REALLY REALLY want to read too many books! And I just flat out don't have time. Sadly, I'm not a person who reads late into the night, I have to wake up too early to start my day. Even on weekends in a way. I'm more of a day person and then end up crashing by 9 or 10.

The thing is, I usually only accept review copies of books I already know I want to read...or the occasional one I'm on the fence on but then a copy becomes available and I think, why not?!

Right now, I'm reading Book of Night and as I was looking at  my TBR pile, my eyes landed on In Every Generation and I so desperately want to read that one! But then I was thinking after this book, I need to read a TBR book that falls before another review book, and then I've another review book to read! I'm not exactly sure when I will get to that one...possibly after the TBR-review book combination as I tend to read it as review book, TBR book kind of pattern.

I'm not sure if I'm feeling this melancholy because my current read is going a little slower than I would've liked, or if it's just because I wish I did not need this pesky thing called sleep! Truly, if I could be a healthy and functional human being who does not need sleep, THAT would be the super power I ask for! That or teleportation...think of ALL the signings I could make in a blink of an eye! That one would be cool too!

What about you? Do you ever find yourself longing to read a TBR book when you're set in schedule of review books?

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