Feb 17, 2022

Random Thursday


Time for another fun dive into the 2021 Disney Daily Calendar! I wish they could do more of these fun facts on the days instead of the ones that just describe what is happening or pick a quote that doesn't match the scene above it. But what can you do?

(image borrowed from Medium)

Apparently, if you look close enough when Gaston is falling to his demise, there are skulls in his eyes. 

I still need to go back and catch this myself. I don't really see it in this image, though I tried looking for it too.

(image borrowed Wikipedia)

Iago's squint was based on Gilbert Gottfried's, the voice actor's, actual face. The rest of Iago's appearance was based on a pet bird from one of the animators.

I kind of saw that I think when I watched the movie. I've seen Gottfried in other movies and remembered him from his yelling and squint! Lol.

(image borrowed from CBR)

Did you know that Heihei was originally going to be a smarter and meaner chicken? Somewhere in the animation process, the story crew changed that.

Yeah...I think Heihei as he is was the better choice! Lol.

(image borrowed from Theme Park Insider)

Did you know that the animators argued over what color dress Aurora should have? It was partly why it was added into the film with the fairies!

As a kid I always wanted the dress to be pink! Over the years it seems Disney has taken to advertising Aurora more in her pink dress than her blue and I'm kind of missing the blue one now! Lol.

(image borrowed from Disney Movies)

Did you know that Mulan was the first princess to get a haircut? She's also the first left-handed one too!

Well, this picture is making the left-handed bit hard to believe, but that's still interesting.

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