Feb 24, 2022

Random Thursday


Today is the final day I have fun Disney Daily Calendar facts to share! This calendar didn't do too bad with their blatantly wrong facts. Mostly it was just having an ill-timed quote with what was being shown in the picture.

(image borrowed from Folio Society)

Did you know that Dodie Smith, the writer behind The One Hundred and One Dalmatians actually had a dalmatian that had 15 puppies? She got the idea for Cruella's obsession when Dodie's friend commented that the fur of Dodie's dogs would make a beautiful coat!


(image borrowed from YouTube)

Did you know that Frozen II was the most watched trailer of any animated movie ever? It was viewed over 116 million times in the first 24 hours it was available!

And I was one of those 116 million! Lol!

(image borrowed from MickeyBlog)

Angela Lansbury sang the title track to Beauty and the Beast as a test, the filmmakers were so moved that they knew another take wasn't needed. It was just that perfect. Lansbury recorded her dialogue for this movie in between filming her hit show, Murder, She Wrote.

(image borrowed from TV Tropes)

For Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, animators invented a multiplane camera that shot through multiple layers of painted glass in order to have elements move independently of each other. It helped to add depth and gave more control over the images.

As I write this post, my printer/scanner combo decided it doesn't like my laptop anymore and refused to recognize it so I couldn't give you the proper image and google was no help either. So this image doesn't really reflect what my calendar was trying to say.

And sadly because my scanner is refusing to cooperate and I have no idea where I stashed the software to reinstall everything I can't share the last picture I have which is a total blooper in color schemes. Sigh.

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