Feb 8, 2022

Let's Discuss: Reading Pace


As I am slowly devouring a deliciously long book, one that's over 700 pages, I'm very aware of how slow I am reading. I'm also aware that readers around the world are finished with the very same book as I am that just released on that Tuesday! It makes me wonder what other's reading pace is like.

Reading Pace

I guess you can say I'm a slow reader. I mean, back in the day I would read all day if I wasn't working. Just about every moment was dedicated to reading. Then I got into different lines of work and that changed my day. Reading was only done at lunch and just before bed.

I'm a reader who reads every word as well. Every word. Every punctuation mark is noted and used, I pause slightly with commas, with ellipses. I read dialogue with tone, I visualize the scene as the narrator describes it. Occasionally I might even pause to research an unfamiliar word or phrase and see how it fits into the story.

So it makes me wonder when other people finish the same 700+ page book in one day, do they not work? Do they read every. Single. Word. Do they not stop to eat or tweet something about what they're reading? I just can't fathom how other people can read so fast! I mean, yes, we all read at different paces, but it makes me wonder what other readers' every day lives are like that allows them to read so much so fast! I mean, are you guys sleeping 8 hours? I'm grumpy if I don't get 8, really I need more like 9 to be functional the next day, I think I might get just a little over 8 hours if I fall asleep right away, which I don't usually! Lol.

I feel like at times I'm aware of how slow I'm reading. I love devouring every word though. Unless I'm really, really, REALLY not enjoying a book, which happens like once every 200 books or so, do I start skimming things just to be able to see the book to its end. Otherwise I generally pick out books I will enjoy. Every once in awhile am I proven wrong, so it's a good thing I know what I like! Lol.

What about you? What's your reading pace like? Are you happy with it?

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