Feb 1, 2022

Mini Review--You're a Vampire: That Sucks! by "Count" Domenick Dicce


Being bitten by and turned into a vampire isn’t the glitz and glamor that Hollywood makes it out to be. In fact, one out of five newly turned vampires will succumb to a slew of easily avoidable and common pitfalls within their first few months as a nightwalker—tempting garlic-laced Italian food, silver jewelry, and anything with an SPF below 1,000 will have to go. 

As an answer to this tragic loss of undead life, “Count" Domenick Dicce has written the definitive how-to guide that just might save your pale, ice-cold skin. This helpful tome will cover everything from Vampire 101—such as hunting, feeding, and getting used to your new powers—to Vampire Graduate Studies—such as coffin selection, the ghoulish world of vampiric social hierarchy, and the universal Laws of the Vampire.

This humorous and giftable guide will be perfect for you or the vampire nut in your life, complete with illustrations throughout.



As I eagerly await for a release tomorrow I decided to pick up a short read for today! I ended up with You’re a Vampire: That Sucks by “Count” Domenick Dicce and this was just the kind of entertaining read I had hoped it was!

This is basically the guide you want to read if you find yourself turned into a vampire and have no helpful mentor to guide you. The writing itself is very “how-to” like which made it all the more entertaining. 

There was even the occasional helpful diagram that contributed to a paragraph in giving visual aid, such as where the “good” veins can be found on the human body. 

The book pointed out what myths about vampires Hollywood and fiction created and which attributes are actually correct. It’s amazing to know what things I thought were fictional and what I thought was true were both wrong! That this guide was written by a vampire himself gave you the comfort in his knowledge! 

But seriously folks, this book was very entertaining! If you’re a fan of the vampire legend this is a book you will want to read…and most assuredly keep, just in case!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars





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