Feb 3, 2022

Let's Discuss: Groundhog's Day


Well, I'm late to write this post because I totally forgot to the day before, but yesterday was Groundhog's Day and it once again brought up all my bafflement over the "holiday!" If anyone wants to clarify things for me, feel free to!

Groundhog's Day

Okay, firstly, why do we just have 1 groundhog in Pennsylvania that we leave the fate of our weather predicament to? I mean, come on. I am not sure of Pennsylvania's average winter weather, but I feel like a state in the middle of the US would be a better idea, just because it's middle. I mean, we're not taking the word of Florida groundhog or a California one. So why Pennsylvania?

Secondly, why is it backwards...so if it's a sunny day and the groundhog sees his shadow...we get more winter! But if it's cloudy skies and not a speck of sun that lets him see no shadow...we get an early spring?

I think it's this latter part that has always baffled me. I mean it doesn't make any sense to me. Does someone else know more about this? Lol.

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