Apr 1, 2013

Exclusive Interview: C.C. Hunter on Saved at Sunrise

Saved at Sunrise releases tomorrow in ebook format and it's going to be awesome! As you know Chosen at Nightfall concludes Kiley's story--which was amazing! My review for that will be up in a few weeks, so be sure to look for that one--but will also start Della's! Della has a mission she undergoes for the beginning of Chosen at Nightfall, we get some details on what it is, but not much. In Saved at Sunrise, we get to read the whole shebang! And it will also be a kickoff (of sorts) to Della's series!!

Q. What made you go with Della for a spinoff? True all the characters are awesome, but just wondering why Della?

C.C. I’ve said before that all my characters have a bit of me inside them.  Della has my sassy side.  She says things that I sometimes wish I had the courage to say.  I think of all the characters in my series, Della is the one who has the most secrets.  She simply doesn’t spill her guts very easily.  So I guess you could say that I chose the character who had the most story to unveil.  However, that’s not even what happened.  

You see, the moment I finished Chosen at Nightfall, I knew I had to write the novella about Della’s and Steve’s mission.  In the book, I had Della tell Kylie a little bit of what happened. So I sort of knew what happened, but I wanted to write it, to flesh it out.  I sensed it would be a great story for my readers.  I hadn’t even sold the story yet, but I knew I was going to write it.  So I called my agent and asked her to talk to my editor and see if she wanted to buy it.  My editor jumped at the chance.  And when I sat down to put the words on paper, it almost wrote itself.  It took me less than a week to write the 100 page novella.  When my editor read it, she called and said she was blown away with it.   It has action, romance, humor and a lot of heart.  She said she could tell I wasn’t ready to let go of the Shadow Falls characters.  Then she asked if I would consider doing two or three more books from Della’s point of view.  So Saved at Sunrise and Della’s spunky personality saved the Shadow Falls Series. 

Q. What kinds of adventures will Della be having, if you can say!

C.C. In Saved at Sunrise, Della kicks some butt.  She also gets her butt kicked.  She finds herself in some pretty steamy moments with Steve, and she also comes face to face with an old boyfriend and his new fiancĂ©.  Talk about heartbroken!  The new series will show Della dealing with her family issues, her lack of trust in love and learning some truths about her own family tree.  Is Chan her only relative who is a vampire?  Or are there others she doesn’t know about?

Thanks for the Intel C.C.!

Nestled deep in the woods, Shadow Falls is a secret camp where teens with supernatural powers learn to harness their abilities and live in the normal world.  But Shadow Falls is facing a problem that could finally expose them to the rest of the world.  Humans are showing up dead, and rogue vampires may be to blame.

Camp resident Della Tsang, who’s still coming into her own vampire powers, is assigned to help find those responsible. If she succeeds, maybe she’ll even land her dream job: working for the F.R.U., the enforcers of the supernatural world.  But when she sees that her new partner is a hunky shapeshifter, things get complicated.  Steve, too gorgeous to be trusted and capable of seeing through her tough-as-nails exterior, knows just how to get under her skin.  And only hours into the mission, Della realizes rogue vampires aren’t the only threat she’s facing. If she’s ever going to complete her assignment, she’ll need his help…but learning to trust him will be her hardest challenge yet.

Saved at Sunrise releases April 2, 2013 in ebook format

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