Apr 4, 2013

Random Thursday

Today we're getting totally random!

Has anyone ever noticed how much the nickname "Kitten" is used? I've found 4 examples myself, which just seems a lot for some reason, even though it's not a whole lot!

Bones calls Cat "kitten" fairly quick upon learning her name. In fact, I think the nickname pops up early for all these heroines!

Gabriel calls Merit kitten, although I can't really remember this, but Chloe was showing off Gabriel t-shirts on her blog and it made me put it in this post!

Kishan calls Kelsey, bilauta, which translates into kitten as well. So it counts! :)

And perhaps my most favorite example--although it's a toss up between him and Bones, we'll just say most favorite YA example!--is Daemon calling Katy kitten! Because Daemon is just freaking awesome!

Anyone else know of Kittens that I may have forgotten? These were just from series I read that I could think of off the top of my head! Was surprised that there were 4! 2 Adult and 2 YA!


  1. My favorite is Merit! Maybe because when Gabriel calls her that it’s not in a sexual way. I’m not sure if I want someone to be kissing me and call me kitten. Moodkiller!
    Angel is another popular one.

  2. Bones and Daemon are my two favorites with the Kitten nickname as well :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven


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