Apr 25, 2013

Random Thursday

OMG!! There's only 6 DAYS til RT 2013!! I am so excited!! Probably won't be packing til the weekend in a few days, but already got my books piled up and ready to be signed:

Sadly, this isn't even all of them! I order a few more last minute books on Amazon and B&N that I'll feature on Sunday since they have yet to arrive. But looking at them in this picture makes me see that this is nowhere near as bad as it was last year!

And don't worry, I will grab as many extra goodies as I can. I'm driving so if it can fit in my car, it's coming! I'll be sure to have another awesome giveaway!


  1. So jealous that you guys get so many amazing events!! Enjoy :).

  2. wholly cow!!! thats alot of books, so do you lug them around taking them to the authors to sign them? Ive never been to a book signing or convention before so i am at a loss for words! that is so awesome thought, i wish i was going!! Love what you have done with the blog.. love the new layout! old follower! Katie @ Inkk


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