Apr 25, 2013

Review--The Eldritch Conspiracy by Cat Adams

A Royal Wedding

In a fairy-tale match, the King of Rusland is marrying a Siren princess...but there are many who think Princess Adriana has bewitched the king by using dark magics. After the second attempt on Adriana's life, the Siren princess asks her cousin Celia for help.

Celia Graves provides personal security to the rich and the famous--and the poor and the unknown. She's gotten government informants out of the hands of terrorists and banished demons to another dimension. Celia's not human, not anymore--thanks to a vampire's bite, she's half-undead, and her sleeping Siren ancestry has woken up big time.

So Celia's the perfect choice to protect Adriana from both explosions and curses. If she's not too distracted by her beloved grandmother, who blames her for Celia's mother being in jail; or by her boyfriend's gorgeous ex, who's made it clear she wants him back at any price.

The Blood Singer series by Cat Adams has been quite the fascinating read from the beginning! A woman gets turned into a vampire and then learns she has Siren blood in her makes for an ultimate paranormal heroine! In The Eldritch Conspiracy, Celia's adventures continue, but yet I found this one lacking something that the previous books have had.

Granted it was still a good read, just not as awesome as I would've hoped for. Firstly, I felt misled by the cover description's first paragraph. The only "many" who think that Celia's cousin, Adriana might be using her Siren powers on the king are some of the king's own family, who are just plain mean and devious. There's lots of family drama in this one from many different families! I kept thinking that Adriana might be a bad chick after all based on this description, but it was very misleading as never once does Adriana seem like a callous bitch like she was when she first met Celia.

Celia accepts the job with good grace and does what she can to protect Adriana, her husband to be and the rest of the wedding party. But it soon becomes clear that someone among them is trying to tear apart the upcoming nuptials and Celia has a hard time trying to figure out who. Doesn't help that she and her cousin get hounded by the paparazzi either.

The bottom paragraph in the description was also a tad misleading. True, these events did happen, but I kind of thought that they would have more of an impact in the story. They were more like minor events. But I have the feeling that they might come back up in books to come as things are still left hanging with her grandmother and Bruno's ex.

Which brings me to the romantic conflicts of the book. I was most disappointed to learn that before the story really starts that Celia and Creede are over. At least that was the impression that I got. There was an unseen fight that Celia mentions very early on, before the main plot even starts, that led me to believe that she and him were just done. So the main contender for her heart is now Bruno, and add in his ex-girlfriend from high school wanting him back, that definitely adds some conflict. But either then a few little kisses, there was next to no romance in this one. I was just a little disappointed about all that. Especially because I felt like I was missing a lot of details from the time the last book ended and this one began. I know that shouldn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but that's how I felt.

The book did start with a very exciting action scene though, Celia is in the middle of an unrelated case to the main plot, but it was just very good! Lots of fast action and surprises that were so shocking because they were so sudden!

The pacing overall was very good! It was just movement from one day to another for Celia who has spent a great deal of time in Mexico working the case that we open up to, to moving onto helping her cousin and that's a whirlwind of action on its own!! All very enjoyable! Although, Celia didn't nearly say her catch phrase "F**k a duck!" nearly enough! I crack up for some reason when I read it, I guess because it rhymes and she says it at just the right moment when things go totally FUBAR!

Despite not completely enjoying this one as much, I did enjoy it! There were a few interesting developments that I cannot be sure if they will pop up in future books or not, but I definitely cannot wait to see what other adventures Celia gets into!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars--a good rating because despite some of my issues with the book it was still overly all good!


  1. I haven't read this series but my sister is a total fan. She talks to me about it like I'm right there with her. Now I can keep up with the one-sided conversation! I am a fan of the Sazi books and they're working on a new story arc. I can't wait!!!

  2. Aaaah, I hate when the descriptions are misleading. I like them to be on with the books, as with the covers too. Series does sound good. :) Thank you.


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