Apr 11, 2013

Random Thursday

Bring on some total randomness!!

Okay, so I love watching The Big Bang Theory! I started watching it last year and became fast addicted to the show! One of my favorite things are some of the Roseanne actors!

Anyone else remember that show? It aired in the late 80s, starring Roseanne Barr-Arnold? Yeah, still love watching repeats of that!

We have Johnny Galecki aka David as Leonard

Laurie Metcalf aka Jackie as Mary Cooper (Sheldon's mom!)

Sara Gilbert aka Darlene as Leslie Winkle (One of Sheldon's nemeses!)

So that had gotten me thinking, Roseanne so needs to guest star on the show!! And I thought of the perfect role for her; Howard's aunt! Since his mother's always yelling, Roseanne would fit perfectly into the family!

Has anyone else noticed this about The Big Bang Theory? Anyone else agree with me? I'm thinking the producers or whoever might have tried to do this, I don't know anything at all, just speculation. There might be some issues or reasons why we haven't seen Roseanne on the show, hopefully yet!

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  1. I agree! It took me a while to realize that I had recognized Leonard from Roseanne, but once I did I couldn't get over it! And then seeing the other characters on there has been fun as well. Roseanne would definitely be a great cameo. Make it happen!


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