Apr 15, 2013

Review--Black Magic Woman by Christine Warren

New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren returns to the mesmerizing world of The Others--where a little dark magic unleashes a whole lotta love...

Daphanie Carter is thrilled that her sister Danice finally found her Prince Charming--even though he's not quite, well, human. Daphanie is trying to keep an open mind. Which is why she jumps at the chance to enter the hidden world of The Others when a friendly imp invites her to a non-human nightclub. Daphanie's curious to see how the Other half lives--and parties--but soon, one handsome stranger has her bewitched, bothered, and beside herself...

Enter Asher Grayson. As a Guardian, it's his job to protect humans who get mixed up in the affairs of Others. When he spots Daphanie in a club, going head to head with a notorious witch doctor, he steps in to cool things off. Now the heat is on. Daphanie becomes the target of stranger magical attacks, and Asher's got to undo the voodoo before it's too, too late. But soon he starts to wonder if this beautiful, beguiling mortal has put a spell on him--because every little thing she does is magic...

Christine Warren's Black Magic Woman continues moving into the world of the Others. Daphanie is Danice's sister--the woman from the previous book--who is now marrying her Prince, and Daphanie's mind is in a whirlwind! Her sister explained to her and her parents what her new husband to be is and that of the Others, and instead of being scared, Daphanie is more curious. She wants to know more about them. So when the imp, Quigley, shows up at the wedding grumbling, he offers to show her a nightclub where the Others frequent.

It's there that the problems begin. In what was simply an accident, Daphanie managed to tick off a very powerful witch doctor who practices voodoo. If it wasn't for Asher, a Guardian--complete with wings--she might not have survived the matter, because he was really that pissed for her spilling root beer on him after she was knocked into him by someone else.

Asher decides to simply keep an eye on her for awhile because the witch doctor looked ready to spit out curses--of the magical variety--and it's a good thing he does, because it becomes clear that something is after Daphanie. She has strange dreams that she is another woman and there's magical happenings going on. And naturally along the way, Daphanie and Asher fall in love.

I am getting used to the idea that the love happens early in these books being paranormal romance, this book has to end happily with the couple happily together, so the love's gotta start early. In this one, it happens early on, but not within the first two chapters like book 1. It's still a gradual sort of process, and that's what I like, I like seeing the love build instead of the instant attraction turning to physical passion and then to love.

This one was pretty exciting because for awhile we didn't know what was really wrong with Daphanie other than that she was cursed. And what was really wrong was pretty shocking and a little terrifying!

Daphanie was an enjoyable heroine. She was kind of like her sister Danice, in the sense that she was strong and independent. She didn't want to wait around to be saved, she wanted to do the saving herself. I liked seeing her be strong, and not necessarily swooning and being a sappy mess at Asher's feet. Sure, she was attracted to him, but she was also annoyed with him at times and his protective streak. Girl's got spunk!

Asher was a good hero too. I wouldn't call him an alpha male entirely, yet he does have some of those protective streaks in him. He's a Guardian and it just comes with the job apparently! But it's because he's a Guardian and that Daphanie is human that strains their relationship. He admits to these thoughts, but they are nearly forgotten by then end, so I am not sure what that will do to their happily ever after. Only time will tell!

I was happy to see some familiar faces in this one as well! While Danice is Daphanie's sister and was getting married, we really didn't see her. We did see Missy, Graham, Corrine and Rafe. It's good to see familiar faces in a series that's so widespread and it's just fun! You may already know, but I am reading these books in the order Christine has them fashioned versus reading them in the order they were published. This way I can follow the storylines chronologically. I haven't confirmed it by reading all coverbacks yet, but I am fairly certain Rafe will be getting his turn at love! He is a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to see who is meant to be with him!

Overall Rating 3.5/5 stars--while I enjoyed this one, I felt like it lacked something else, more pow! But it was still an enjoyable read and I have got to remember to order the next half of the series

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