Apr 6, 2013

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: FAVORITE BOOK COVER ARTISTS!

*in no particular order

I'm actually not 100% sure who the actual artists are, but I'll post some of my favorite covers and see if I can find the artist on the actual book!

Night Huntress Series

Okay, was able to find his name on Jeaniene's website! I love the covers for her books and I am fairly sure this guy does them all! The covers are just sooo awesome!

First two original Study books

So I am thinking that he's the right person to credit these amazing covers too! It says Illustration by his name, then there's Art Direction by Kathleen Oudit. So maybe a team effort? Not 100% sure, but just wanted to share this one because it was my fave between the two!

House of Comarre Series

Now these covers are truly gorgeous! Believe I have the right name here, as in my book I looked at has this name next to Book Design. These are awesome in part for the color scheme! I love the black and white with the bold red contrast! And then the pretty gold tattoos too of course!

The Hollows Series

So I think this has been the cover artist throughout the series. But not too positive! At least with the first hardcover I do see this name, couldn't find it on the paperbacks of books 1-4. But this series has had wicked awesome covers! I enjoyed the ones when we couldn't even see Rachel's face and even the most recent two when we do get to see her face! Pretty cool concept!

13 to Life Series

And I saved the best for last! Yes, I'm sure you all know I fell in love with this cover before I even knew what the book was about! And I pretty much became obsessed with it since then! Made even more perfect since the heroine has the best name in the world!! (hint; it's Jessica!)  ;)  Once again, this is one that has cover illustration and then lists this name! Pretty sure that's the way to go for the cover artists and not cover design, right? Well the cover designer was Ervin Serrano, just in case!


  1. WOW! I just looked at those House of Comarre Series books, and yeah - GORGEOUS! I might have to give that series a try!

    Love this meme, BTW - I might have to give this meme a try as well! Thanks for stopping by my STS, I'll be back tomorrow.

  2. Great top 5, Jessica! I love all of these covers, and 2 of these artists are on my top 5, too :)

    By the way, the artist of the House of Comarre series is Nekro.


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