Apr 27, 2015

ARC Review--Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking

Bryn Aven has always longed to be a part of the Kanin world.

Though she has no social status because she’s a half-breed, she refuses to give up on her dream of serving the kingdom she loves. It’s a dream that brings her to a whole new realm . . . the glittering palace of the Skojare.

The Skojare people need protection from the same brutal rival who’s been threatening the Kanin, and, being half Skojare herself, it’s a chance for Bryn to learn more about her heritage. Her boss Ridley Dresden is overseeing her mission and wants to help. He’s always been her most trusted friend—but as their undeniable attraction heats up, he becomes a distraction she can’t afford.

Brynn is about to discover that the Skojare world is full of secrets, and as she’s drawn in deeper and deeper, she doesn’t know who to trust. As she gets closer to Ridley, she realizes she may not even be able to trust her own heart.

I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Amanda Hocking continues Bryn Aven's journey in Ice Kissed and it definitely lives up to its predecessor, if not more! The story really picks up in intrigue, as there is still a lot we don't know! Normally this would bother me, and in a sense, it still does, but Bryn is relentless. She won't let the nagging feeling that something isn't right go, so I am right there with her in her mystery solving!

We pretty much pick up where we left off in Frostfire, Bryn and Ridley return home after losing Konstantin while at the Skojare palace. We also learn that Konstantin is working with Viktor Dalig, who was once a prisoner in the Kanin palace. He was enraged when his daughter was passed up for ruling the kingdom and enacted revenge, he was imprisoned, but escape. He was also the one who led to Ridley's father's murder. Keeping Viktor a secret from Ridley does put a temporary cramp in whatever relationship Bryn was having with him, but soon that factoid is all too soon forgotten.

War is imminent, that much has been clear since the beginning. But we still don't get too much of the whys behind it. We do learn that it's focusing around Konstantin and Viktor and whatever their nefarious plans are. Bryn is still convinced there's more to Konstantin's story and actions. He warned her back in the prison to run while she could, but gave no reason as to why. He remains to be a man  of mystery and it's a tad aggravating, but not in the sense that the book is bad or unenjoyable. Just the fact that I am a very impatient person and wanting to know who Konstantin is, is really starting to kill me! It doesn't help that we don't see all that much of him in this book, but I suspect that will be different in the final installment of the trilogy.

This time we see Bryn working with Kasper, her best friend's boyfriend and soon-to-be father. They are sent on a mission to find the queen of the Skojare who has gone missing. Once again, we see quite a bit of mystery and puzzlement with the Skojare in their kingdom. There's just a sense of wonkiness going on. But every time Bryn tries to dig for answers, she is stonewalled by royalty. I still don't quite get what Konstantin and Viktor are planning, or how the Skojare play into things...and that's the part that is driving me batty! I feel like we haven't been given enough clues. We've gotten little pieces here and there, but the big picture remains a mystery to me and will continue to be so until August! AUGUST I tell you!!! This is April!!!

I was a bit pleased to see more romance happening between Bryn and Ridley, though it still remains the forbidden kind. The "we can't be together, but we want to be together" kind. For awhile this got irritating, especially since I felt like every time they moved forward a bit, they took ten steps back. But just as we think things might finally be in their favor...chaos happens! And I mean big time! The ending was soooo chaotic! I loved it! But seriously, I am now left hanging and desperate to see how these characters will get out of the bind they find themselves in!!

Ice Kissed was quite the suspenseful and mysterious read! I say it was even better than Frostfire, and Frostfire was amazing as well! This series is definitely an enjoyable one and I have come to be so invested in it! Bryn is an amazing character and what I love about her is that she's an outcast among her people, yet she cares so much to be apart of them. She's got a good head on her shoulders, but she can be stubborn at times and it almost makes me want to slap her upside the head, but a character who is remarkably good should have some flaws, she's more real that way!

I cannot wait until Crystal Kingdom releases! It's going to be epic! That much I know! The tension is thick and the end is nearly here! It's going to be a long wait until August, that's for sure!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars

Ice Kissed releases May 5, 2015


  1. I haven't read this series but it does look good. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. I'm still waiting for the release date of this one. So glad you enjoyed it even more than Frostfire.


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