Apr 9, 2015

COUNTDOWN--The Shadow Prince (Paperback) Release!

Hey all! As you might know, I am a HUGE fan of Bree Despain! I loved her Dark Divine Trilogy and I am LOVING her newest trilogy Into the Dark! It's got a Greek mythology base to it, and as you might know, I LOVE Greek mythology! It's all connected in the weirdness of my life and how I came to be reading Paranormal books! LOL!

Anyway, The Shadow Prince has been given yet another new cover, you never really saw the first one unless you had an ARC, so that cover technically doesn't "exist" but yeah, a new cover is coming and I am soooo getting one to add to my collection! LOL!

And I am bringing to you, a teaser from the book created by Bree herself! I'm one of her Into the Dark Series Ambassadors, so you'll be seeing me talking about this series quite a bit in the weeks to come!

Especially since the sales and ratings and all that jazz of The Shadow Prince and The Eternity Key will determine if Bree's new publisher will buy a third book. And there NEEDS to be a third book! I've already had my sanity crushed earlier this week learning one "cancelled" series will remain forever cancelled with no resolutions at all. And with The Eternity Key's ending, I cannot abide that to happen again! So I bring to you the teaser:

Stick around the blog because I will have more teasers and a giveaway in the future! Yes, a giveaway!

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  1. I have eARC of The Eternity Key in my Kindle and I really need to read it sooon! Hopefully next week! And YES we need BOOK THREE!!!


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