Apr 16, 2015

Random Thursday

So it turns out I miscounted my Disney factoids! I have this new one here that I'm about to share before I begin a series of other facts! After those though, I've run dry! Unless something else pops up in the coming weeks!

So I cut off the words, but that's okay, cause I'm telling you about this one anyway! That "handsome fellow" in the middle there with the peanuts, his name is Dippy Dawg. This is actually the very first appearance of who is to become Goofy!

The animated short was called Mickey's Revue premiering in 1932. Yet another fun fact from the Disney Days desk calendar 2015!


  1. Ooooh, that's funny how Goofy seemed to be more grandpa in his first incarnation here, very cool factoid, Jessica!

  2. I love these Disney factoids! It's always interesting to see how characters we have come to love started out. There's a new "short film cartoon thingy" on Disney channel showing old-time Mickey and Minnie cartoons. They give you a glimpse to how animation was years ago...obviously with a modern twist now.


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