Apr 30, 2015

Random Thursday

Moving along with the DISNEYLAND facts! Here's another 8 to devour!

  • There is a basketball court at the top of the Matterhorn. Employees go shoot hoops on their breaks.
  • The abominable snowman in the Matterhorn is named Harold.
  • Disneyland was built in one year.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer worked at Disneyland as Alice from Alice in Wonderland in the 1970s.
  • There's a secret apartment hidden in Disneyland's fire station. The light in the window is supposed to symbolize Walt's presence.
  • About 200 feral cats live in Disneyland to keep rodents away. Many of them are nocturnal, so a sighting during the day is rare.
  • The water features in Disneyland are green or brown to hide the vehicle tracks and filtration systems. 
  • When it opened in 1959, the Disneyland Monorail was the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere. 


  1. A basketball court to play on during breaks would be cool.

  2. Wow. 200 cats. Poor Mickey, he doesn't stand a chance!

  3. Michelle Pffeifer was Alice in Wonderland? Woah, I had no idea about that!!
    Ooooh and 200 ferals? Clearly Mickey doesn't want any extended family around!

  4. I've heard of most of these other than the Michelle P one. I would love to work at Disney just to get on the inside. Inside Club 33 :)


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