Apr 2, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? What was it? - Suggested by Second Run Reviews

MY ANSWER: Honestly? I don't think so. I'm one of those people who can rarely ever remember their dreams. So if I were to remember a dream, it would literally just be bits and pieces. It's hard to say if it was reoccurring or not.

Short answer, not to my recollection. But who knows?!


  1. I don't really have that many dreams that I remember either! I think that's pretty normal!

    Jessica @ Ramblings on Readings
    My Feature and Follow

  2. I think it's fun to randomly remember little bits of your dreams! Like, spontaneously during your day just go 'Omg, I dreamed I was a banana last night!'! ... Yes that has happened to me...! I'm an old follower! Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great week!
    My Friday post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. I don't think I've ever had any recurring dreams either. I do remember some of them, but no repeats. I think that would be boring anyway. LOL! Old follower.

    Shannon @ The Tale Temptress' FF

  4. It seems, from most of the answers I've read on other blogs, most recurring dreams seem to be nightmares, so the fact that you don't remember yours may be a blessing. Old follower!

    Shannon @ The Tale Temptress' FF

  5. I don't usually remembers my dreams much now, but I have had the feeling of having dreamt of something already before a few times, with fuzzy details but that feeling of I have dreamt this before... a dreaming deja vu?

  6. Sometimes I remember my dreams, sometimes I don't. I think that if I have a stronger emotional reaction to it, I'll remember it more. Old follower!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde.blogspot.com

  7. Despite having a recurring dream as a kid, I rarely remember my dreams now, as an adult, either. Kind of wish I did, tho. :D Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  8. I never remember any of my good dreams.

    Old follower.

    Check out my FF!

  9. Same here, I rarely remember my dreams! New follower on gfc, bloglovin', and twitter :)
    Tishia @ Paperback Opinion
    My FF: http://paperbackopinion.blogspot.com/2015/04/feature-follow-friday.html

  10. I've heard that if you keep a journal it might be easier to remember things. If you write down what you remember as soon as you wake up you can train your brain to remember!

    Here's my F&F!

  11. Haha I don't think I've ever had reoccurring dreams! Sometimes if I wake up from a really good dream, I'll try to go back to sleep really quick so I can dream of it again. It usually never works though. :( New follower on gfc, old follower on Instagram :)


  12. Sometimes I wish I could do that. Thank you for stopping by. :)
    Old follower

  13. I can't ever remember my dreams (besides my two regularly recurring types of dreams).

  14. That's good! Some of my dreams are so horrible that I don't want to remember them! (:

    Old follower! Thanks for stopping by!

  15. If I wake up without an alarm, I tend to remember my dreams. If not... :( I like to analyse them, hehe


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