Apr 9, 2015

Random Thursday

So the Disney factoids are running down. I might have another two week or three's worth after this week. I will have to see how I divvy up the next section of facts!

This week I have a few factoids about Walt Disney himself!

  • Walt Disney first named Mickey "Mortimer". But his wife, Lily, was the one who suggested "Mickey" was a better choice.
  • Charlie Chaplin and other film stars of that time were used as inspiration behind Mickey's animated movements.
  • Mickey didn't speak until the ninth short film, "The Karnival Kid", which was released in July 1929. Mickey was working a hotdog stand in the film, and his first words were: "Hot dogs! Hot dogs!"
  • Mickey Mouse made his first appearance in the "Macy's Santa Clause Parade" in 1934, now the Thanksgiving Day Parade. His balloon was 40 feet tall, hand-painted and guided by men and women dressed in Mickey and Minne Mouse costumes.
  • Mickey Mouse and the Beanstalk, 1947, was the last time Walt provided Mickey's voice. Duties as head of the studio kept him busy. Role was taken over by sound-effects artist, Jimmy MacDonald, who later gave voice to Gus and Jaq in Cinderella.
  • In Fantasia, for The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Disney animators gave Mickey a powerful new tool: they drew pupils in his previous all black eyes!


  1. I've always gotten this Charlie Chaplin vibe from Walt Disney, so it was interesting to see that Chaplin influenced Mickey! Random facts are the best!

  2. Mortimer? Mortimer Mouse? Doesn't really have the same ring to it, does it?

  3. ohh this is really cool! I am such a Disney fan! More of these please!

  4. ohh this is really cool! I am such a Disney fan! More of these please!

  5. Love this! I absolutely love these posts! I hope you have more facts to keep it going :)


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