Apr 12, 2015


It's kinda hard to write a movie review for Insurgent! Not only have there already been sooooo many of them, but I legit cannot remember much about the book since I read it in 2012. Read it right before Veronica came to visit St. Louis once upon a time ago. Long before the movie and her epic fame...but gotta admit, I still love her, her books, and these movies too!

So yeah, I basically cannot remember much of the book whatsoever. Little vague details come to mind, but not much. It's hard to say what was left out of this one basically. I remember hearing people complain about the truth serum scene, and what's horrible is that I can't even remember it from the book. I believe it was more dramatic though. When Tris went under the truth serum it felt short and clipped. I felt like it was supposed to be bigger in the book.

The ending was a little rushed as well. But maybe that's because I so, so, SO wanted to remember the book better, but I have no time whatsoever for re-reading. I remembered bits of the ending and I felt like the movie showed that well. But I thought Four's dad was supposed to be there a bit more than he was. Though his lack of presence didn't bother me since he's an ass.

I still really liked this one. I enjoyed the special effects. There were times when I fell for some of the trials Tris went through towards the end. And yeah, that thing with Peter...I nearly fell for it for a tiny moment before having to remember other details! LOL!

Peter was still one of those characters I couldn't make heads or tails of. Much like in the book. He's an asshole. Then he's just annoying. Then he's an asshole. Then he's something different entirely! I remember this same confusion in the book. And let's also say that I was happy other things remained true to the book. Such as Eric's fate. Yeah...still did not like that guy. Even though it wasn't ever in the book I kept hoping Tris or Four would rip his eyebrow stud out! I'm like...yank it out, just pull it out!! Rip his face off!!! DIE!!! 

Lol...yeah, I get too into movies sometimes!

As always, I enjoyed seeing Tris and Four together on screen. I feel like the movies definitely makes Four more personable. In the books, I felt like he was too mysterious and standoffish most of the time. He would show true colors around Tris when he let his walls drop for a moment or two...but I could just be remembering him from the first book too well versus this one. Though I definitely remember LOADS of conflict in Allegiant. I am not sure how I will be able to handle that one on screen. Also struggling with remembering details of that one, prior to the ending. And honestly, I truly hope they don't change that ending. Yes, nearly 99% of readers hated it. I didn't love it, but I accepted it and felt like it fit with Tris's character. Besides, maybe I can comfort Four now! *grins*

Which brings me back to the ending of Insurgent. I remember the book's ending for the most part, but I felt like that final little bit we saw just before the credits started rolling was too rushed. It was definitely out of character from the book as well, if my memory is correct, which it's about 50/50 in that realm. I was just hoping for it to be a bit more dramatic than that. It was a pretty pivotal part and it just went all too quickly in the movie. Maybe that was the point. One quick moment and it's over before you have the chance to react.

And with the trend of final book to movie adaptations Allegiant will follow the two part role. Though I was still hoping for a Harry Potter scenario where you get Part 1 in November then part 2 in March...May? something like that. But alas, it will be a year apart. Oh well.

But all in all, a good movie! I just wish I had the time for rereads so I could remember every detail better. Needless to say though, that I will likely be needing tissues for these next two movies!!

Overall Rating 4.5/5 stars


  1. I too, would have liked to reread the book before seeing the movie, but like you, I was short on time. I think I enjoyed Insurgent a little more than Divergent,but only marginally. It will be interesting to see how they split the last book into two parts. I'm not looking forward to the ending but I also hope they don't deviate from it.

  2. I've heard that this one is doing pretty well among fans so I'm happy that you enjoyed it as well Jessica. I didn't quite like Four in Divergent (haven't read the rest so I can't comment) because, like you said, he just seemed pretty standoffish. Happy to see that they were able to give him personality on film!

    One day I'll read Insurgent, one day.

  3. I need to go and see this. I can't get up the interest for some reason, even though I love the books and I also really enjoyed the first movie. I'll hopefully enjoy this one too, if I ever get around to seeing it. I'm glad to hear that it was pretty good!

    Vicarious Caytastrophe

  4. I didn't really enjoy this because it didn't remember half of the film being in the book and I read it recently. I don't think it would be necessary for Allegiant to be split into two films as it wasn't even a good book from start to finish and I hope they tweak things to make the finale amazing.
    Naomi @The Perks Of Being A Bookworm

  5. I didn't have time to re-read before I saw this either. I knew that things were different, but I couldn't remember exactly what. The ended was definitely off and rushed! But overall, the cast of the movie make it worth seeing!


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