Apr 29, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday

I hate waiting...
Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

Sixteen-year-old Nina Kane should be worrying about her immortal soul, but she's too busy trying to actually survive. Her town's population has been decimated by soul-consuming demons, and souls are in short supply. Watching over her younger sister, Mellie, and scraping together food and money are all that matters. The two of them are a family. They gave up on their deadbeat mom a long time ago.

When Nina discovers that Mellie is keeping a secret that threatens their very existence, she'll do anything to protect her. Because in New Temperance, sins are prosecuted as crimes by the brutal Church and its army of black-robed exorcists. And Mellie's sin has put her in serious trouble.

To keep them both alive, Nina will need to trust Finn, a fugitive with deep green eyes who has already saved her life once and who might just be an exorcist. But what kind of exorcist wears a hoodie?

Wanted by the Church and hunted by dark forces, Nina knows she can't survive on her own. She needs Finn and his group of rogue friends just as much as they need her.


TITLE: The Stars Never Rise
AUTHOR: Rachel Vincent
PUBLISHER: Delacorte Press
GENRE: Paranormal YA

RELEASE DATE: June 9, 2015

The members of Don’t Get Mad aren’t just mad anymore . . . they’re afraid. And with Margot in a coma and Bree stuck in juvie, it’s up to Olivia and Kitty to try to catch their deadly tormentor. But just as the girls are about to go on the offensive, Ed the Head reveals a shocking secret that turns all their theories upside down. The killer could be anyone, and this time he—or she—is out for more than just revenge.

The girls desperately try to discover the killer’s identity as their personal lives are falling apart: Donté is pulling away from Kitty and seems to be hiding a secret of his own, Bree is under house arrest, and Olivia’s mother is on an emotional downward spiral. The killer is closing in, the threats are becoming more personal, and when the police refuse to listen, the girls have no choice but to confront their anonymous friend . . . or die trying.

I'm going batty with waiting for this one! I read Get Even as an ARC, but was turned down for this one. So yes, I am going insane with the waiting!! EEP!

TITLE: Get Dirty
AUTHOR: Gretchen McNeil
PUBLISHER: Balzer & Bray/Harperteen 
GENRE: Thriller YA
RELEASE DATE: June 16, 2015



  1. I'm with you on the Stars never Rise. Ah, if June wasn't so far away.

  2. I'm definitely with you and Marilyn!

    Here's my WoW :)

  3. I am so waiting for The Stars Never Rise. Haven't read the Get Even series yet, not sure if I will.

    My WoW

  4. I really need to read Get Even already!! I'm also excited for The Stars Never Rise!! Great picks! :D

    czai @ the Blacksheep Project

  5. June will be here soon, so don't worry. Looks like you picked some interesting books. Rachel Vincent books are awesome.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  6. Oh twinsies! I just finished Get Dirty yesterday, good stuff! I feel like a lot more happens in this one too!

  7. Hey Jessica, did you hear? Rachel Vincent has a new book..... and it sounds really good! I started reading Get Even but I DNF'ed it. I just couldn't get into it. I hope you enjoy reading both of your picks this week! Thanks for stopping by My WoW.

  8. I'd like to read both of these books but I'm especially excited about the new Rachel Vincent book. Thanks for sharing and stopping by :)

  9. "But what kind of exorcist wears a hoodie?" Okay, that's a clever line to end a blurb with - very well done!

  10. The Rachel Vincent book was my WoW last week! I have never read this author..lol. I got Get Even to review, but not read the first one so had to buy it..now I need to read both of them soon! :)

  11. The Stars Never Rise sounds really good! I hope you enjoy it!

    Lizzie @ lizziethesarcasticblonde.blogspot.com

  12. new to me but sounds like a great pick and hope you get to read it soon.

  13. I hope you enjoy these read once it comes out - great picks <3

    <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

  14. YESSS! I need The Stars Never Rise SO BAD! I've been drooling over it for a long time and I can't wait to hold it in my hands. I love Rachel Vincent! I better read Get Even soon! great picks!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

  15. I've seen The Stars Never Rise around so many times lately and it looks AWESOME! I hope you get to read it soon! :)

    Here's my WoW!

  16. I've got The Stars Never Rise on my wish list. I haven't read Don't get Mad yet, but I really want to. It's just a matter of digging through my TBR pile. So many books and not enough time! Great picks! Thanks for visiting my WoW! Happy reading!

  17. I've got The Stars Never Rise on my wish list. I haven't read Don't get Mad yet, but I really want to. It's just a matter of digging through my TBR pile. So many books and not enough time! Great picks! Thanks for visiting my WoW! Happy reading!

  18. Both are cool picks! I'd love to start that Get Even series. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  19. I can't wait to read The Stars Never Rise! I love Rachel Vincent! Thank you for stopping by my post!

  20. I actually have an arc of The Stars Never Rise. I absolutely can't wait to read it!! The plot just seems to be really unique.

    MY WOW
    ~Karina @ Watcha Reading

  21. I cannot wait for the new Rachel Vincent book! I loved her Soul Screamers series, and the Shifter one. :)

  22. I had never heard of The Stars Never Rise before. It sounds kind of like a cross between the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem witch trials! How interesting.

    Get Dirty is on my list too!

    Shannon @ The Tale Temptress' WoW

  23. Ooooh, very good picks! I also have The Stars Never Rise in my TBR pile (and even preordered!).

  24. Git Dirty sounds awesome! I am adding Get Even to my TBR now and will wait for Get Dirty's release.
    -What I'm Waiting For

  25. The Stars Never Rise looks great! Old Instagram & Blog follower, new Twitter follower :) thanks for vising my WoW!

  26. I'm excited for the Vincent book! I hope you enjoy these two books when you read them :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  27. That's another two books you've introduced me to! This is the first time I've heard of these, but they sound great, I hope you'll enjoy them when they come out!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  28. Okay, The Stars Never Rise sounds really intriguing. I'll have to look into this more.

    Tiara @ Bibliosanctum

  29. Great minds girl! And Get Dirty sounds like a fun read too!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  30. I can't wait to get hold of The Stars Never Rise! it sounds amazing. I still need to read Get Even.

    Nice WoW picks! Sharon – Obsession with Books

  31. Sooo excited for The Stars Never Rise! It sounds amazing.

  32. The Stars Never Rise is on my TBR list. Nice picks!
    Adriana @ Reading Fictional


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