Dec 5, 2017

Let's Discuss: Cheating: Deal Breaker or Not?

A long while back I wrote down a topic idea I saw again at We Live and Breathe Books, and it discussed cheating in books and whether or not it was a deal breaker for you. I'd thought I'd talk about that!

Cheating: Deal Breaker or Not?

Firstly I loathe cheating and it's sort of rare when it pops up in a book. There might be some extenuating circumstances, but all the same, I keep thinking to whoever is the cheater, just break up with one! It's so rare when it pops up in the books I read though, like I literally can't think of one book that might have had cheating in it. One of my more recent reads was close, but the guy did dump his current girlfriend of the time, because let's face it, that chick was really *itchy anyway.

This discussion is getting to be much shorter than I anticipated. Mostly because, as I said, I hardly ever come across cheating in the books I read. When it does, I'm usually just hoping that it ends. Like the cheater stops seeing one of the people they're seeing. I guess since romance is usually a side occurrence in my books, cheating doesn't seem relevant to begin with.

So while I don't care to see it in my books I read, I guess it's not necessarily a deal breaker. Granted if there was a book that revolved solely around cheating then yeah, I'd drop it there on the store shelf!


  1. I'm with you! I also get really annoyed if an author portrays the current gf/bf as an a**hole and that somehow justifies the cheating. Just NO.

  2. I always say that I'm anti-cheating (in real life, it's something I have no time for), but then again I adored Anna and the French Kiss. So I guess it's circumstantial?

  3. I know the cheating thing is in books but I stay away from any books with that in them. I have found there is cheating in more books then I thought but that trope is easy to stay away from.

  4. I can't stand cheating in books either

  5. I think because readers are such empathetic people, it's really easy to relate to the characters being cheated on, especially if you have been in that position before...lets face it, many of us have. I also tend to drop a book if cheating is a main part of the story.

  6. I don't enjoy books with cheating in them as they usually involve love triangles and I detest those.

    I've only read one really great book where cheating was the main plot point and it was done extremely well...but very few books can pull it off.


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