Dec 14, 2017

Random Thursday

Time to return to Disney's Aladdin: 25 Magical Fun Facts for 25th Anniversary as originally seen on Yahoo! As far as I can tell it was put together by Yahoo Movies Editorial with no actually author cited. I still can't believe this movie is 25 years old already! Eek!

Aladdin was drawn to resemble Tom Cruise! 
Say what?! I guess I saw it with his nose...but really?

Eric Goldberg, one of the animators, revealed that he and the team studied MC Hammer's dance moves in order to get Aladdin's pants right!

This video here shows one of the songs that was cut from the movie. 

Yet another song that was cut.

As already mentioned, the story changed a lot over the course of production. After one early screening failed to elicit excitement, the filmmakers added the "Applause" sign after Genie's big number, which turned into a big hit!


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  1. Tom...Cruise? I reject that. Oo I don't think I've heard Why Me! I am upset that Proud of Your Boy never made it. ):


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