Dec 9, 2017

Mini-ish Review--Full Moons and Mistletoe by Alyssa Rose Ivy

One Alpha Wolf
One Single Mom
And a Christmas neither will ever forget…

Single mom Alexandra will do anything for her son Langdon even if it means hunting down his wolf shifter father who doesn't know the boy exists. With each full moon Langdon comes closer to shifting, and Alexandra knows she's running out of time.

Ryder is the Alpha of his pack and out of his mind longing for his mate who slipped away from him before he could claim her. When Alexandra and Langdon appear in Ryder's life, he'll stop at nothing to protect them and keep his family by his side.

Full Moons and Mistletoe is a short little read from the talented Alyssa Rose Ivy. I didn’t read this one initially, but when it popped back up in my feeds as a free read, I thought why not?! It’s a holiday read and it’s paranormal! What could be more perfect? And it truly was an amazing read!

I think (for the most part) that this one actually takes place outside the Chronicles world! Here we have Alexandra with a bit of a problem; her three-year-old son is starting to shift into a wolf. She knows who the father is because she walked out on him after one incredible weekend. She had her doubts and insecurities about their fling but she knows her son needs his help to understand what is happening to him.

Ryder has been missing Alex pretty much since she left him. He knew, nearly right away, that she was the one for him; his perfect mate. And when he comes home one night to find her on his couch, he’s shocked and elated. But when she tells him all she wants is for him to help their son through his shifting issues, he’s a little less happy. The woman he wants as his is back in his life and he’s not about to let her get away a second time. He promises his help, but first she must spend the weekend with him and let him prove to her that he wants to be with her for the long haul.

Naturally, amid these romantic shenanigans we have another kind of danger. There are pack politics at play here that Alex doesn’t fully understand and when the life of her son becomes in danger, she will need Ryder’s help in rescuing him.

This was a fun little holiday read! I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did! I loved how Ryder basically had to start over in trying to woo Alex back into his life. Their fling the first time around really was a quick and almost abrupt sort of thing. The previous chemistry between them helped to make the sudden romance more believable! And enjoyable!

The ending to this one was pretty perfect too! Such a short little read, but one I enjoyed far more than I anticipated! I am definitely going to be picking up Alyssa’s latest holiday read soon too!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars 


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