Dec 14, 2017

Mini Review--Brighter than the Sun by Darynda Jones

All his life, Reyes Alexander Farrow has suffered the torments of the damned. Only one thing has given him hope: the woman who radiates a light that no mortals can see; a light that only the departed can see...

Told from his point of view, BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN chronicles the first time Reyes ever encountered Charley, and how their relationship has been the one thing that can either save him or doom him.

Brighter Than the Sun is Darynda Jones’ take on what Reyes was up to in the time before he gets to be with Charley. It’s basically a condensed version of his life story…minus the being in hell part.

It was quite an emotional read, because oh my god, poor Reyes went through hell at the hand of Earl. Really makes me like the song Goodbye Earl even more now! Lol! But yes, sadly Reyes was abused pretty much all his life growing up. When his sister comes into the picture it only gets worse, because now Earl has something to hold over Reyes’ head.

But despite all the pain and torment, he has one little piece of light in his life and that is the girl he dreams about, who he calls Dutch. He’s dreamed of her pretty much since he was a child and envisioned watching Dutch grow up. We even get to learn how he comes to call her Dutch!

I would definitely say this novella could pretty much be read at any time after book 1. It’s not really a novella 8.5 as Reyes’ story takes place so early on in the series. It’s definitely an interesting read, but not really one that’s “necessary” to read to help with series comprehension. This is mostly for us Reyes fans! Which pretty much makes it an amazing little read!! The events don’t really reach past the first book, so this makes it even easier to read pretty much at any time of your series reading! Though if you have yet to start it, I would say reading it right after the first book would be best!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars


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