Dec 11, 2017

Mini Review--Full Moons and Candy Canes by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Dark magic is no match for fate...

Three years after Nancy's mom disappeared she receives her first clue of where to find her. Too bad the clue is delivered in the form of a half-naked shifter on her living room floor. To make matters worse there is another shifter in the room, a wolf shifter she can't stop thinking about.

Norm can't get Nancy off his mind. It should be easy because she's not his destined mate-- so why can't he seem to forget the memories of their kiss?

When Nancy's freedom is threatened, Norm is willing to do anything to protect her and to make her his mate.

Full Moons and Candy Canes is Alyssa Rose Ivy’s second holiday read that continues on from Full Moons and Mistletoe but with new and familiar characters! This time we follow Nancy and Norm and the possibility of their own romance and the obstacles they will need to overcome to have it. Familiar faces are still around and they mostly encourage Nancy and Norm to get together!

A year has gone by since the events of the first book, Ryder and Alexandra are happily married and are even expecting another baby, Nancy and Norm had a kiss happen at the wedding that neither one has been able to forget, yet Nancy has held herself back from falling for Norm for reasons unknown. When her dad decides to throw Christmas ball that they had stopped throwing when her mother disappeared three years ago. Nancy has continued to search for her mother despite her father’s opinion on the matter. And it’s when her friend decided to post a picture of Nancy on a “need a date” website that things start to get out of control. Suddenly she’s getting all sorts of emails from guys she’s never met willing to be her date for the big ball, it’s then that she turns to Norm for help.

It was just supposed to be a simple matter of helping her find this dating ad and having it removed, but when a shifter winds up at her door that things start to get very serious. Someone is very clearly after Nancy and it has something to do with her mother. Norm will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

I really enjoyed this story, in some ways more than the first, for there was definitely more “Christmas”-ness to this one. I loved seeing Nancy and Norm fall for each other all over again. It’s not quite like Alex and Ryder’s romance re-blossoming. Nancy and Norm shared one kiss, yet nothing ever happened afterwards due to their own fears and whatnot. But I liked watching them come back together. It was sweet.

One thing that I felt like needed more development was the actual mystery of what happened to her mother. Things are explained in some ways, but then there’s just not enough explanation. Nancy is realizing there’s some secrets to her family history. And I still don’t really feel like I know what it all was. I know that since this was a novella, things had to be short and usually a simple explanation and resolution comes into play. It’s usually why I can’t handle novellas; I’m always left wanting more! Lol!

Besides that little tidbit, I had no other issues with this story! It was cute and quirky and romantic and lots of good paranormal people in it! A perfectly delightful holiday read for a paranormal reader!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars 


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