Dec 6, 2017


Hey all! A fellow blogger, Andrea Heltsley writing as Drea Shane has written a book! And it's coming out very soon! Next Monday in fact!

“A page-turner that will leave you breathless and wanting more . . .”

Drea Shane’s debut reverse-harem takes paranormal romance to a whole new level. The Luna’s Destiny is a slow-burn, sensually appealing combination of shifters and Greek mythology. The only thing hotter than the Alpha shifters is the chemistry they have with the sharp-tongued heroine, Sydney.

My name is Sydney and I’m the Alpha’s daughter. As one of the few remaining female shifters, I find our pack suffocating and overbearing. Eventually, I’ll be the Luna of my own pack once I find my mate.

Keyword: Eventually. Unfortunately for me, Dad’s called Assembly and soon our territory will be swarming with potential Alpha mates. I’d hoped to make it through the final change on my eighteenth birthday before I had to deal with mating.

My birthday signals the blending of my human and wolf souls into one. I’ll finally have access to my full shifter powers. It will also be the night I bond to the mate I have yet to meet.

As if that isn’t enough, a chance encounter with a mysterious and alluring wolf has me questioning everything. Then there’s Joe, Dad’s enforcer and protégé. I can’t figure out why these feelings of desire are cropping up anytime I’m near the pain-in-the-ass shifter. Assembly hasn’t even started, so chaos is sure to ensue.

Then, my dad drops a bombshell, a family secret that turns my world upside down. Nothing for me or the shifter race will ever be the same. It might just take the Moon Goddess herself to get me through this.

* This is the first book in a slow-burn, reverse harem series. Not intended for younger audiences. *

A Moon Goddess Novel

A combination of paranormal shifter-y goodness and Greek mythology, this is definitely a read you won't want to miss! You can preorder it here on Amazon!

The Luna's Destiny releases December 18, 2017 


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my new book! I’m so excited to share Sydney’s story and introduce the Greek Mythology world my new books are set in!


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