Dec 21, 2017

Random Thursday

Time to venture back to the article from Yahoo Movies Editorial, Disney's Aladdin: 25 Magical Fun Facts for 25th Anniversary, and learn more new information on one of my favorite childhood movies! Once again, all pictures were borrowed from the article!

Disney is quite fond of placing Easter Eggs in their movies! Aladdin has a few of them as well, such as Sebastian popping up when Genie is looking for the "recipe" to make a prince!

Pinocchio also made a brief appearance in a conversation between Aladdin and Genie!

Apparently, every time Aladdin lied his little feather would fall in his face!

On Jasmine and Aladdin's carpet ride, they pass an ancient Greek temple that looks like the one in Hercules from 1999. Which coincidentally, Jasmine and Aladdin met Hercules in Hercules: The Animated Series.
During Rajah's transformation from tiger cub to full grown tiger, he briefly sprouts Mickey Ears!
Another cameo/Easter Egg is the appearance of the toy format!
And as you might already know, it's suspected that in Beauty and the Beast, that the story Belle loves so much about "far off places, daring sword fights, magical spells, a prince in disguise", it's believed she's talking about Aladdin!  

At the end of the movie, when the Genie is getting ready to travel wide and far, he wears this...and then in another short film, Back to Neverland, Robin Williams is seen wearing this:

Musker and Clements, animators, decided to draw themselves among the crowd scene.


  1. i miss robin williams, he was really great in as the genie

  2. I didn't realize that about the feather, now I want to rewatch it!


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