Dec 18, 2012

Cover Art Reveal--Deadly Forecast

So I got my newsletter from Victoria Laurie today, fitting since I just started reading Lethal Outlook since I am so behind on the releases this year! And in it was promo for What a Ghoul Wants, the next Ghost Hunter Mystery due out Monday! Definitely will have to order that one since I don't think the store will have it on time nor do I think I will have time to go there!

Anyway, here is the cover-so far--for our next Psychic Eye Mystery, book 11! Very glad the publishers have decided to stick with this cover look--notice their attempt at revamping the series at book 5:

It didn't last beyond that book! Kind of glad too, I have a whole new respect for "animated" covers these days and Victoria's books definitely look incredible in this look vs this "real" look or whatever to call it.

There's no other info yet, storyline wise, but the cover is obviously telling us that the wedding is soon upon us!!

Deadly Forecast releases July 2, 2013

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