Dec 4, 2012

Cover Copy Reveal--Tarnished and Torn

When a vintage jewelry merchant is found murdered at the San Francisco Gem Faire, Lily senses forces at work beyond the norm. But when it becomes apparent the victim was killed in a manner traditional for executing a witch, Lily feels compelled to investigate further. Soon she's on the trail of an invaluable Fire Opal talisman, which is capable of defeating a demon. Unfortunately, Lily's not the only one looking for it—will she have to go up against her own powerful father to secure the Fire Opal and defeat the forces of evil? It's a good thing she's got a coven's worth of friends and colleagues on her side... 

Tarnished and Torn releases July 2, 2013

Yet again, another series I am behind on! Just by the one book from this past summer, but still! Makes it hard to show off new book info when you can't let yourself read the description!! Juliet Blackwell is amazing!! Her mysteries are freaking awesome and have just the right amount of paranormal elements!! I highly recommend this series and her other one, A Haunted Home Renovation series!! Both mysteries both with paranormal goodness!!

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