Dec 6, 2012

Random Thursday

Today is December 6th and it's also St. Nicholas' Day!!

This is the day when, in my family, our stockings get filled with little goodies and candy! According to some research I did, since I have a horrid memory, this is Saint Nicholas' Feast Day. It is believed that Saint Nicholas was our modern day Santa Clause, for he, I believe, gave out gifts to good little children.

Okay, my memory is totally fuzzy on the details and there is wayyyy too much info online for my mind to handle. Many countries and cultures have their way of acknowledging and celebrating St. Nick and his day.

In my family, it was just a way of Santa checking in on us to make sure we're behaving til Christmas day! My niece, while excited about Santa and Christmas doesn't really know about St. Nick's day as much. She'll know today when she opens her stocking, but still. It may be awhile before she looks forward to this day! We have Christmas down and I have gotten into the habit of moving her Elf on the Shelf around each day. She can be a handful and not the best of listeners, so we tell her "Buddy"(yes, from the movie Elf!) is watching her and reports to Santa at night.

Some days that works, others, not so much!

Happy St. Nick's Day, Everyone! 

If you celebrate it with stockings, I hope you all get or got something good!


  1. Happy St, Nicholas day and thank you for sharing this holiday and tradition with us:)

  2. Happy St. Nick's Day!!! I hope you all got lots of fabulous goodies in your stockings! I've never thought about celebrating this holiday, but it sounds really fun - I'll have to keep it in mind for next year. :)

  3. YAY! For St Nicks day, we believe St Nick comes back to give 1 gift to GOOD kids. lol
    (not like thats not exactly what Santa does on Christmas though... Santa just gives more.)



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