Dec 13, 2012

Random Thursday

In the somewhat spirit of the upcoming holiday...okay, maybe not really. I was thinking Christmas time, which then led to religious beliefs and then that spun onto one of my fave shows from the late 80s, early 90s that had a little Christmas like laugh. But it wasn't a Christmas episode. thoughts are weird sometimes!

Anyway, the show I was thinking of was Mama's Family starring Vicki Lawrence! I loooooooved this show and still upset that only season 1 made it to DVD, the early seasons weren't my faves, but I would buy them if the later seasons came out, there were 6 I believe.

Anyway, the episode that led me to having a chuckle was the one where Mama went to a sit in/strike or whatever that her grandson, Bubba was attending. It was in regards to helping homeless people and the cops eventually came and arrested all the homeless people...including Mama! One of the first chuckles was when Mama said she didn't belong here and "do I look like a homeless person?", which then a homeless woman wearing the same outfit as Mama walked by!!

It then went on later that the police knew Mama didn't belong there and they were trying to get her out of the cell, but she had already became set on trying to help the homeless, since most of them wanted to stay in the cell just to have a place to sleep that night. The cop was telling Mama that she didn't belong there, that she and him were nothing like these homeless people--made to say that he and she were better than him.

Mama smiles and says along the lines of: "you know something, you're right! I even once heard of this homeless couple, where the woman was pregnant and she had the baby in a barn!"

The cop says something like: "You see! They're animals!"

Then Mama responds, "Oh I don't know. That baby boy didn't turn out so bad. He went on helping people and all. And every December 25th we celebrate that baby's birthday."

Laughter, naturally! Then the cop stutters, "Well, I don't think..." Then Mama interrupts him, "I know you don't think, you butt!" And then goes on to talk some more about needing to help the homeless.

So yeah, a long tirade there, but I had to set the scene! Vicki Lawrence was hilarious! I never did see the show in its earlier days as a skit on the Carol Burnett Show, but I looooved watching the reruns of this one when I was younger! 

Sadly, only season 1 ever made it to DVD. I guess sales weren't good enough to do the rest of the 5 seasons, which were better than season 1 I think. Oh well...

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