Oct 10, 2013

Random Thursday

So awhile back I was surfing L.J. Smith's website...I forgot for what purpose...but anyways it was there that I learned the most astounding news!!

There will be a book 4--at least--of The Forbidden Game!!! I read The Forbidden Game trilogy many, many years ago and LOOOOVED it! I actually read it before The Vampire Diaries and even have the groovy retro cover of the omnibus version from the 90s! It was freaking incredible!

Definitely going to have to re-read that series one day!

Sadly there's no set release date or even a guessing one. L.J.'s working on other titles that take priority first, but from my understanding, The Forbidden Game: Rematch is after her two current works in progress!

I am so ready to return to this world again, a return to this world must mean a return for you know who as well! (It's a spoiler, but the book is very old so it's like hearing a spoiler to an ancient movie, but I still won't name names!)


  1. I hadn't heard this news before, I love this trilogy-so excited! Although cautiously, I read the first new Vampire Diaries book and went no further.
    I also want to re-read this series some day- I had that same omnibus but donated it to the library. Time to look into an e-book...

  2. Really?! I read the Forbidden Games trilogy way back when, too! LOVED it! Probably just as much as I loved the Vampire Diaries back then.

    Julian was the guy's name, right? Man, I was so in love with him. If I remember, correctly, the heroine didn't end up with him, though, right? She ended up with the boring boyfriend? I might have to find these books and re-read!

  3. Oh my I have to read the trilogy again soon! I'm waiting for her to finish the Night World series and I'd love to see another Dark Visions book.


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