Oct 17, 2013

Random Thursday

So one long standing WoW I've had is L.J. Smith's Strange Fate.

Sarah Strange is a normal teenager with annoying siblings and a crush on two boys, Mal and Kierlan, who happen to be her best friends. But Sarah also has visions of a place where dragons darken the sky and feast on humans. When Sarah confides in Mal and Kierlan about her visions, she discovers her friends are not who they seem. They are part of the Night World. And they believe Sarah must help establish peace and harmony between humans and creatures of the Night World to stave off the apocalypse. And if Sarah’s visions are any indication of the danger, destruction, and devastation that the apocalypse will bring, there is no time to lose…

Strange Fate is supposed to conclude L.J.'s Night World series and it has yet to be released. On her website, L.J. mentions working on it. 

I still need to read the entire series though, so the wait suits me. I read one of the Night World books long ago and have the nifty 90s cover on it. So when I found the third volume of the series at a TJ Maxx a few years ago for $3 I bought it! That was when Borders was starting their closing sales so I bought the first volumes as well. Now I just need to read them and endure the long wait for the final book.


  1. Welll once you read them YOU'LL UNDERSTAND MY PAIN!! Like all the other books were published in the 90s and the last one STILL ISN'T PUBLISHED!! WHY?
    happy reading


  2. Haha I was just thinking about this book, I had it in a top 10 list for series endings. The best ending I may never get to read. These books were my Hunger Games/Twilight equivalent when I was 11, and very fannish. There was no blogger or tumblr sadly, I was on an AOL mailing list lol. Imagine my anguish when the series wasn't completed in 1998.

    Of the ones you've read, which is your favorite? I was always a fan of Daughters of Darkness.

  3. I have yet to read this series. I like both TVD and The Secret Circle by LJ. The only thing is that some of her work is ghost written and the writing does change a bit :) I may have to pick this one up soon :) xxx


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