Oct 19, 2013

Top 5 Sundays

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This week's topic is: Bookish Trends You Could See Less of...

*in no particular order


 I feel like too many of the Paranormal YA books I read have love triangles and it kind of gets annoying. Sure some of them are good, but still...there always has to be a choice. There always have to be "teams". I wouldn't mind a little less of the love triangles.


What I mean by this is when a particular character is presented with paranormal something...or just anything really...they want to constantly deny it. They don't want to accept it or anything and I feel like if they were more open to accepting it, the story could move a lot faster.


Now don't get me wrong, I love a good kickass heroine. If she wears leather, sure, fine. Whatever. But I kind of get tired of seeing soooo many leather-clad heroines. And a good chunk of the time, they never wear leather. It was just a cover art angle or whatever.


I get that most of the time a book will center on one character for the most part. But I guess what always nags at me is when that one particular hero or heroine must save the world. Or their part of the world. Especially in YA, it seems like the teen is always trying to take on too much to save the day and gets tiring. I will also admit that the character does tend to have friends helping, but when it comes down to that final battle or whatever, it's all on one person's shoulders.


And naturally I so, so tire of insta-love. When the heroine meets the hero and within the next 20 pages they're in love. It's meant to be. Yada, yada, yada! *eye roll*


  1. LOL on the instalove... I read one recently where it was so bad, they're all "in love" and they just met. I'm like please. It was otherwise a great book... love triangles too, I guess some are good but man, way overused.

    Leather- clad heroines are OK though. Ha ha!

  2. I have to say the "teen saving the world" trope has always driven me nuts. Please. I remember being 13. I wouldn't've wanted to try to save the world. ;) It'd be screwed if I tried. *lol*

  3. Yeah, InstaLove and Denial really annoy me. Some love triangles don't bother me as bad as most though.


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