Oct 15, 2013

Review--The Queen is Dead by Kate Locke

Xandra Vardan is the newly crowned Goblin Queen of England. But her complicated life is by no means over.

There are the political factions vying for her favor, and the all-too-close scrutiny of Queen Victoria, who for some reason wants her head. Not to mention her werewolf boyfriend with demands of his own, and a mother hell-bent on destroying the monarchy. Now she's the suspect in a murder investigation--and Xandra barely knows which way is up.

What she does know is that nothing lasts forever--and immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

So trying to read a book while sick with a head cold is one of the hardest things to do ever. But I'm stubborn and can't just not read. I continued on reading Kate Locke's The Queen is Dead that I started before the weekend. It was quite good. I had little memory on the first in the series, but Kate recaps enough details that I recalled the gist of the story.

Reflecting back on this one, Xandra had a lot on her plate. Her brother, Val is missing and to top it all off the police are looking at her for Churchill's disappearance/murder. Trying to investigate what Val was up to do with the coppers on her tail is next to impossible. 

There is also still some issues regarding her departed sister, Dede and her baby...the one who was taken from Dede. Xandra is still trying to get information from the father who ends involved in another of her "problem" cases.

I like seeing Xandra's character develop. She went from ordinary human to the Goblin Queen. She hasn't officially accepted her role, but she's getting there. She doesn't necessarily lose some of her humanity, but more so gains so goblin tendencies. Like the desire for blood. Of course we did see all that last time in the end as well.

Xandra's relationship with Vex is still moving along strong. There's still the pressing issue that Xandra wonders if Vex is just trying to secure a working relationship between the weres and gobs, but really I don't see that being an issue. The times we get with Vex and Xandra are so endearing. Vex really cares for Xandra despite the claims that they cannot be together. The whole different species thing.

The action was pretty good in this one! Even with a head cold, I enjoyed this a lot! Xandra is on the move from one place to another looking for her brother and evading the enemies. And of course the ending with the Queen was...enlightening! It definitely opens a few questions and wonderings, of course Victoria could always be lying...we shall have to wait and see! The good news is the next book releases next month so, yay for a short wait!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars

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  1. Awesome review, Jessica! I agree that Xandra is developing nicely, and I can't wait to see what is gonna happen in book #3 :)


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