Dec 14, 2013

MOVIE Review--Frozen

So I FINALLY got to see Frozen today! Lots of stuff kept preventing me from seeing it the past two weeks, but I saw it! And it was quite good.

Frozen is supposed to be the take on the fairy tale, The Snow Queen, and while it doesn't really represent that much in storytelling terms, there is a young queen gifted/cursed with a frozen touch.

Having spent her whole life trying to hide her gift, Elsa has done everything she can to protect her sister, Anna, from her gift. And from everyone else. Then when she is to take the throne officially, she opens the doors to the castle and lets everyone in for the coronation. But then things take a horrible turn and she flees the castle to live her life alone in her own ice palace. Anna then ventures out to bring her sister back and to melt the snow and ice that has taken over their kingdom.

I have to say, this was a very unique story! I quite enjoyed it! Elsa is the bit older and a little wiser sister where Anna is the younger, more spirited one, yearning for excitement, love, adventure and all the joys of life.

For the first time ever it seems, Disney even threw in a love triangle! Never in all my days of watching such movies do I recall the main character in such a predicament. I was eager to see how it was to be resolved and in a true fairy tale fashion, a resolution does come about! And it totally took me by surprise!

I have to admit, that lately I find myself really enjoying the side characters a lot! Ever since Tangled and the days of Maximus, I find the "animal friends" to be quite enjoyable. Here we have a reindeer named Sven and an enchanted snowman named Olaf who longs to see the summer sun! Yes, he's a bit deluded, but he's a fun loving kind of character that brings in some comedic relief and even a bit of wisdom!

Frozen was definitely an enjoyable movie! I really liked it, but I think Tangled still holds a special place in my heart more. Rapunzel and Eugene even made a cameo appearance in this one! Right in the beginning when Anna is excited about the coronation and is running by the guests, we can see a brunette Rapunzel with her prince, Eugene! Sadly, Maximus had been left at home it seemed!

I definitely recommend all Disney fans to see this one! Another installment in the Disney franchise of princesses! I am eager to know what the next princess story will be, but find I can wait it out! Especially since Maleficent comes out next spring! Yay!

Overall Rating 4/5 stars


  1. I love this movie sooo much too. I want to see it again. I think it was cute with the sisters.. have you read the original story??? It's totally different. here is my post about it:


  2. Oh.... I didn't catch the Tangled characters in it. I know Frozen will be a movie I need to rewatch just due to Easter Eggs like that. I did like the movie though.

  3. I saw it yesterday and I really liked it too. It was a nice story.


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