Dec 12, 2013

Random Thursday

Okay, so during the morning I sometimes watch cartoons while getting ready. I don't actually sit and watch them, but just have it one while I go about getting ready for work.

This was a few weeks ago, but I noted it for a Random Thursday post, but I was watching Cartoon Network and it was about 5:30am and Scooby Doo was on! 

And the weirdest commercial came was one for phone sex! I kid you not! I was like seriously? This is Cartoon Network! Basically a network for kids! I could understand if it was during Adult Swim, but it was during Scooby Doo for crying out loud!

Anyone else think this was a "weird" commercial choice given the network? I just thought it was a bit odd.

1 comment:

  1. That's the creepiest thing I ever heard! My boys wake up in the middle of night and sometimes I'll put on cartoons to relax them and get them back to sleep. Not putting the Cartoon Network on at that time!


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