Dec 15, 2013

MOVIE Review--Thor: The Dark World

So I now FINALLY saw Thor: The Dark World! Been wanting to see it, but November was a crazy month and I never got the chance! Luckily, some theaters will still playing it at decent times!

The storyline was very very good! There's a lot of science behind the storyline in these at times and that always tends to get way over my head, as that was my worst subject in school. And since Jane and her crew are all scientists, things get a little muckity!

But short end of it is, that while in London, Jane and Darcy stumble upon some weird portal-like thing and when Jane stumbles through it she contracts Aether into her body. Now here's where things get a tad messy in my explaining, but I won't try to much. This Aether is basically something from Thor's world--or one of the many worlds in his galaxy and it could essentially be harmful to Jane.

Then Thor's enemies learn that the Aether has left its super secret hiding spot and they are on the move and ready to take it back, causing an all out war in Asgard and the many other realms/worlds in that galaxy. And true to preview showing, Loki and Thor must work together in this one to put a stop to the bad buys and of course, help Thor protect Jane.

I was pleased with how this movie went and how it too kind of picks up on things that were left off in some of the other Marvel movies. We get Jane being upset with Thor for not contacting her in two years, we get her being upset about the New York aka The Avengers incident and him not contacting her. It was all done very good. I like how these Marvel movies tie in some of the events and bring them all together in the movies throughout.

There was a good deal of action and suspense in this one! And comedic relief thrown in throughout! Captain America makes an impromptu a way! Part of that comedic relief I mention! There was a good deal of surprises too; some I saw coming and some I didn't.

I don't know my comic book lore at all really, so I can only go by what these movies tell me. We got another appearance by this person called The Collector in the after credits. I can't remember what movie last he popped up in in those credit scenes and it's really driving me crazy. Since I know nothing of comic books, I don't know whose (possible) villain he'll be to. But I do know for certain, we haven't seen the last of him! Very eager for more Marvel comic movies now! And Chris Hemsworth too!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

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