Dec 26, 2013

Random Thursday

It's the day after Christmas! And Kawanzaa and Boxing Day! I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas yesterday had a wonderful holiday and all who celebrate Kawanzaa and Boxing Day have a good holiday!

I decided this year as a belated sort of Christmas post, I'd just share some pictures of my favorite ornaments that I put on the tree every year! We literally have 100s of these ornaments, wayyy too many, but most of them were apart of my sister and my childhood. But these are some of my all time faves that have to go on the tree EVERY year! Normally, we select a different variety each year.

Okay so from left to right from the top, we have Belle READING A BOOK! So she was definitely a must have that year!

Then we have a Christmas fairy. Around 7th grade I developed a sudden obsession with fairies! I thought they were just soooo awesome and ironically, this ornament came out right around that time!

Then there was THE BOOKSTORE! This was apart of some series, I can't recall. But the fact that it was a bookstore, made it a MUST HAVE!

Then in the middle we have a BALLERINA BUNNY! When I was a child, I did some dance classes, ballet being one of them! I also love rabbits and always wanted one of my own--had one later in life, but soon realized I was way too old to have one, so my mom knew of someone at her work with a daughter wanting her own rabbit! But I do love this ornament, it's been with me since my early days of elementary school.

And the final one is definitely MY FAVORITE of all time! Sleeping Beauty was one of my fave Disney movies growing up. Mostly because I loved when the fairies used their magic to make Briar Rose's 16th birthday such a big deal! And when the fairies are fighting over the color of the dress, pink, blue, pink, blue! This ornament scene is from the end of the movie with Aurora and Prince Phillip dancing in the clouds...but the fairies are still arguing over the dress color. And as the theme music (Once Upon a Dream) plays, the dress magically changes color from pink to blue and over again with the sound of the magic playing between--you know that kind of sound that their wands make in the movie?

Yes, definitely my favorite ornament! There's 3 pictures here, 1: the dress before the magic, then PINK!, then BLUE! (of course blue is looking a little purpley since I took the picture in the morning sunlight through the window!)

And those are a few of the ornaments on "my side" of the tree that must go up every year! Anyone else have a favorite ornament or decoration that MUST go up every year?

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  1. I'm totally jealous of your ornaments. I can wait until I grow up and get my own place and have my own Christmas tree so I can decorate it as bookish as I'd like!


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