Dec 19, 2013

Random Thursday

So last week I mentioned the totally weird commercial choice that I saw on Cartoon Network. Well, here's the part 2 to that one!

Awhile back I was watching some 90s cartoon repeats or whatnot on TeenNick and yet another odd commercial choice came on. This was on some weekend night around 10pm and since this is TeenNick it's likely teenagers and preteens watching it. As that is the likely target audience.

So what do you think I saw advertised this time? Why, none other than a pregnancy test commercial! I thought this was a little scary. Because for one thing, it's assuming these teenagers are having sex and two, it almost feels like they're saying it's okay for teenagers to be having sex.

Now I guess this gets into personal standards and beliefs and all that jazz and I won't turn this into a political stance post. But in brief, my personal opinion on the matter is that teenagers really shouldn't be having sex. Obviously it does happen. There was one or two girls pregnant when I was in high school. Maybe more, I don't know since it wasn't an obvious thing to know about.

Of course then we get back to our YA books, and even those are having more and more sex between the characters. And sometimes, yeah, I'm a little bothered by it because I think...they're 17! Or whatever age! But then yeah, we can bring up Romeo and Juliet, but then that gets into a whole other debate that I really don't want to get into! You can see how I keep going back and forth on this matter! And basically it driving me crazy!

But yeah, I just found that to be yet another odd commercial choice based on the station and its target audience. But then since it does happen, I guess in some sense maybe it was a good thing? I don't know really. I don't want to step on any toes with this matter to be honest! :)

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