Dec 8, 2013


Check out this super cool image JLA has on her blog for Bitter Sweet Love! A freaking awesome read! 

I soooooo cannot wait for White Hot Kiss to come out in February! Ugh...February. Why can't it be now?! Or yesterday!

And in other news...I was scanning Barnes and Noble yesterday trying to see if I could use a coupon I got on books...well, that was a fail since there weren't any books I needed. But guess what I did stumble upon?


Now this link has got to be super new or fresh! I mean we still have until July 22, 2014 until this baby gets released. Pending of course, since the date's changed quite a bit lately!

But you can bet I preordered it regardless! Hopefully, this SIGNED edition, remains to be true and the link won't disappear on me! I didn't see it on Amazon when I happened to check, but it might be too early still. As it is, there wasn't even a picture of the cover on the signed link yet. So I will leave it up to you all if you decide to act not on this!

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