Apr 7, 2014

ARC Review--Search by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Casey isn't human. The revelation should terrify her, but it doesn't. Instead it excites her. Too bad not everyone is as excited as she is.

Torn between two lives, the only one she's ever known and her life as a paranormal princess, Casey has to decide whether she can trust the man she loves.

Sometimes being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Alyssa Rose Ivy certainly knows how to write an exceedingly good Paranormal New Adult novel! For a fast becoming popular genre, you would think New Adult books would have more paranormal involved with a few of them. Luckily Alyssa writes both kinds: paranormal and contemporary! And when she offered me an ARC of Search, I couldn't say yes fast enough!

I was completely blown away with her Crescent Chronicles series and was over the moon for her Empire Chronicles! Soar was amazing and Search only adds to the ingenuity of this series!

After reading Soar, we all know now that Casey isn't human, not entirely. She's part Pteron and has most of the skills and abilities as the other full blooded Pterons, but she learns that they are a few abilities she lacks, but she's still a powerful sight to behold!

Her love life remains to be utterly complicated. She had the attention of two Pterons before--Jared and Toby--but now she learns that Pterons don't normally become couples with other Pterons. It's simply not done. But as she learns Toby doesn't care about the rules, Jared is more a stickler for the rules. And while this series, or possibly trilogy, is still running strong, I think the answer to who Casey ends up with is answered very early on.

I have to admit that I absolutely love Toby! Of course, he pretty much won my heart in Soar! He's a completely different guy now that he has distanced himself from Allie. He still cares for her, but in the friendly sort of way. Casey is who has his attention now! And oh wow, do these two have chemistry together! Toby is by far the better choice. He has strong feelings for Casey and does anything and everything to make her happy.

Casey learns more about her birth and the all the secrets behind it. There still even seems to be more to know behind it all, but we haven't learned it yet. It was only hinted at. The pacing, therefore, was nicely done. It's another good blend of Casey adjusting to her new side of life, but yet, still trying to live pieces of her old one; job, trying to go back to school and a natural, trying to adjust to a newly found family.

And wow! What an ending!! I was sad to see there's another jilting cliffhanger, but my only problem with those are the wait until the next book! Let's hope it will only be some odd months and not a year to get the conclusion to that bit of info! The story is far from over and Alyssa throws a whopper of a surprise at us! I have to admit, I had an inkling of a suspicion of it during Search, but I was still thrown off kilter when it actually happened! I wasn't putting much stock into my suspicion, to say the least!

Overall, Search was a truly amazing read! I love that Alyssa writes Paranormal New Adult! New Adult is such a rising genre, but most of the ones I come across tend to be contemporary and that's not my kind of read, but she writes them both! Paranormal New Adult is such a treat to read! You get a nice segue between teenager and adult and how their lives roll. Casey deals with real life problems, struggling to earn enough money to get back into college. Alyssa can really blend the normal life tendencies with the excitement of being a newly realized Pteron!

Bring on book 3!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

Search releases April 17, 2014

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