Apr 29, 2014

Barbara Vey Luncheon Event +Giveaways!

So this weekend I went up to Milwaukee to attend the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon! I have relatives who live just outside Milwaukee, so it was free room and board!

I had fun at the luncheon. It was very nice and there was quite an allay of authors in attendance! I got to see Darynda Jones, C.C. Hunter and Gena Showalter--just to name a few! I was even seated at Gena's table where I was finally able to ask the burning questions I had regarding her Intertwined series. And sadly, it seems there won't be a final book any time soon. Although Gena hopes to wrap it up at some point when she had time away from contracted projects. I am hopeful at least! Even offered to read a draft that may never be published! Gotta know what happens in that series!

So since I was away all weekend long, you know what that means! Yes! A giveaway!!!

I'm giving away some of the awesome books I got from my fave authors attending. These first few giveaways will have to be US only, I'm afraid. But look to the last giveaway for an international one!

First Prize pack will be a SIGNED copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning by C.C. Hunter where you get the first two books in the Shadows Fall series! AND a SIGNED ARC of Reborn!!

An additional winner will get a SIGNED copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning as well!

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Then I have a Gena Showalter Prize Pack, where one winner will get SIGNED copies of Burning Dawn & Beauty Awakened!

And another winner will get a SIGNED copy of Alice in Zombieland! Gena's second YA series and yours truly is quote on the first page! This was my first quote appearance and I was very very happy!

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The final giveaway I have is a SINGED copy of Darynda Jones's First Grave on the Right!

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And my final giveaway is for INTERNATIONAL followers ONLY. Since these first few are all US ONLY, this is for you guys! 

One international winner (as long as The Book Depository ships to you) will receive a set of Gena Showalter's first YA series, the Intertwined series. You will get copies of Intertwined, Unraveled, and Twisted!

I loved this series, so imagine my heartbreak to hear that sales were low. So I decided someone else must read this series with me, bask in its awesomeness and then yeah, share my misery as we wait for a possible-maybe-someday conclusion. So yes, I'm slightly evil in this endeavor! 

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So there you go guys! Don't you love it when I go away somewhere?!


  1. Hey, girl, hey!

    Wow, you've been busy. So thoughtful of you to bring us back giveaways! Haha :) I'm most psyched about the Shadow Falls + Reborn Prize pack since I've wanted to start shadow fall forever, but I also only recently heard about the First Grave on the Left series and am interested in it now, too!

  2. You got my attention at AWESOMENESS.

  3. Firstly love the pics of you at the event. I had shared some with Darynda and Gena on my facebook page. I didn't know you actually went to this event! Top Notch!! Love your pics.

    Secondly love all the giveaways, very generous of you. I hit up the INTL one.

    Thirdly. I was drawn to this series cause it is YA Gena. Now I have actually bought #1 or #2 I have to check my shelf for which one. For some reason I think it is # 2. I saw it on special at the time. I have to dive through my rather large piles of books to see which one I got. I wanted to get the others from the library to read. I love the covers and I am interested to read it. I read your posting and Gena may take a while to wrap up this series. Sounds like I will have time to get up to date. I have one of C.C's books here from the library to read. Taken at Dusk. I was on a roll with reading them and then I got uber busy with other reads so I had to put my pleasure reads on hold. I am excited that Della gets her spinoff. Twice now I have gotten Taken At Dusk and Whispers At Moonrise from library to read. I am determined to get this series read :D

    Awesome posting so glad you had a WOW time :D


  4. The author! Since the author is Gena Showalter I know the books are going to be amazing! ;)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Oh, darn!! I was there too! I really wish that I would have known you were there because I would have loved to say hello!! I'm jealous that you got to sit at Gena Showalter's table - I signed up for the luncheon pretty late and tickets for her table were long gone! :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. I'm so happy you were able to go to this, Jessica. It sounds like you had a grand time. And thanks for sharing your news as well as some goodies! ;)

    1. And I think I'm most excited over Showalter's books...although they're all very nice prizes. :)

  7. The author - Gena Showalter is the best!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  8. I want read the serie because I read magnific reviews about that books :) Thanks for the giveaway :)


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