Apr 17, 2014

Random Thursday

Easter is almost here!! This Sunday is Easter and I was just wondering, how do you all celebrate it (if you do)?

I remember when I was a child, our tradition was that the Easter Bunny would hide our basket somewhere in the house. And we had to find it in order to get our surprise!

And then of course there's the egg hunt! In fact, I just went o an adult Easer Egg Hunt last weekend! Did it last year too, but this year I was better prepared! The rule is, you don't follow the rules! Learned that the hard way last year! ;)

And naturally, my final favorite thing about Easter--not necessarily a tradition or a celebratory way--is the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!

Because, as I might have previously said, I love the shapes the best! They are filled with sooo much peanut butter! Look at that egg!! And this is the last shape of the season! :( Meaning that there won't be anymore of these yummies until Halloween, when the cycles starts back up again: pumpkins, trees, hearts and eggs.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter this Sunday if you are celebrating and if not, hope you have a GREAT day as well!


  1. I used to love Easter as a kid. We used to go on treasure hunts and everything :3. Now we just use it as an excuse to eat chocolate ;D

    Thanks for sharing! :D xx

    Alex @ The Shelf Diaries

  2. Egg hunt! :) I remember going to a lot of them as a kid, not a anymore though. But I do get a lot of chocolate eggs..etc. :D

    Jackie @Jackie's Book World

  3. I LOVE EASTER! And man those eggs are SO YUMMY :D Thanks for sharing!

  4. I remember my parents used to hide our baskets when we were little. I hid my kids' baskets when they were little too. Now they're just happy to get their favorite candy. They are 16 and 19 and my husband made the mistake of telling them we bought their candy last weekend and they wanted it right then! Is it bad if I am glad they have outgrown the Easter egg hunts? They are SO stressful.

  5. Man. I REALLY want a Reese's egg right now... :-P


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